Old Silver Bear’s foot ring with turquoise and coral...


Mar 24, 2021
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am trying to find anything out about this ring. The marking on it is not one I’ve seen before amd it does not have any marks indicating it’s silver but I was told it was. That it was common when it was made and the type of Indian jewelry it is, they didn’t stamp their items often. Just a makers mark. If anyone could give me any insight on any type of information about it, I would be so greatful.[/B][/FONT]
I believe it’s a woman’s ring, about a 5 1/2 To 6 size

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Cool ring. I think clearly vintage Southwest silver... Navajo, Hopi or Zuni probably. My guess would be Navajo since their pieces tend to have a heavier silver construction. That mark doesn't come up with a maker identification as any of the better-known artisans but there are still dozens of unidentified maker marks.

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the crudeness of its construction is a very good sign.

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