1. Rare 5,000-Year-Old Axe Polishing Stone Found in England

    By Sahir Pandey Dr. Hayley Roberts, Jim Rylatt and Dr. Anne Teather from Past Participate found the polishing stone at the Valley of Stones in Dorset. A “vanishingly rare” polishing stone called a polissoir has been uncovered by a team of volunteers in the Valley of Stones national nature...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Iron pokey thing from England

    Sold as a celtic spearhead but I have my doubts. 8 inches long.

    I found this lamb of god type medieval seal matrix today never had one come out of the ground so clean! I'd normally have to spend all night picking out the crusty bits from the design :occasion14:

    I recently found this mount of a face that I've had various opinions on ranging from Roman,Saxon,medieval,Tudor even have been told it's a religious artifact of Martin Luther! So I'm really stumped and would really appreciate any help of a certain id

    🎥 METAL DETECTING A MEDIEVAL FARM UNCOVERS OLD COINS AND RELICS | RELIC RANGERS 🎬 Hello TreasureNetters! 🎬 In this video the Relic Rangers go metal detecting at an old medieval farm site. Some of our oldest coins and relics are located in this fun filled video presentation. 🎥 So, SADDLE UP and...
  6. Rogue Metal Detectorists On Trial For Stealing $3.6million Treasure

    Came across this article earlier today. I hope this isn't a repost, but I think it is good to remember to follow the rules when metal detecting. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-general/metal-detectorists-0012674
  7. 1853 Temperance token

    I purchased this for a dollar and I was wondering the value and any info on it I had a hard time finding info on the English Temperance tokens.
  8. I found some gems/stones in a river with no idea what they are.

    So a couple of years ago in England, I went to High Force which is a big waterfall and tourist attraction. It was a geographical trip so we had to observe rock formations etc, but whilst I was in the river, I found 2 purple-ish natural stones with a very nice shimmer to them. Since they were...
  9. Mystery Soup Tureen

    I purchased this soup tureen yesterday and I cannot find much if anything about it online. The bottom has a lowercase "c" in the same blue ink as the design and also has a red/orange painted number mark (assuming this is a pattern or model number). Any help would be welcome.

    Hi, i found a kind of key i guest or something like that, on one side says TWIGG on the other one says ENGLAND. Here the photos.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Need help with toy metal soldier

    I dug up this metal (lead?) toy soldier from a 1910 homesite in Indiana. The bottom of the figure is marked (I think) "Made in England." My questions include- 1- Does this represent a British soldier? 2- What war would this be depicting? (Most items found detecting were from the 1940's, but...
  12. Viking treasure possibilities

    Happened across this interesting article today... I'd definitely love to detect in the UK one of these days: Vikings Traded First (Then Plundered) : Discovery News
  13. Manual Ground Balance - Thoughts? Advice?

    Ok, so I've got the AT Pro. Been using it about 4 months now and finding some issues in my local soil. Ground is showing an auto ground balance number of 77-80 and is a dark soil with good amount of pete in it. Expecting to find more than I am, wondering if maybe the conditions are making the...
  14. 1845 Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait Litho bought at local thrift shop. Cost = $1.00

    This is an original 1845 litho by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait at local thrift shop. It is a scene of Hebden Bridge in a West Yorkshire landscape. It shows the construction of Manchester to Leeds Railway including one of the oldest steam engine train. The piece was identified by England's National...
  15. Book of Buried WWII Treasure (U.K.)

    I'm not a cache hunter and I'm not in U.K. but one of my tweeps tweeted this out and I thought of my fellow M.D.'rs. If it's old news to you, my apologies. Just thought I'd throw it out there; might be NEW news to SOMEBODY. QUOTE FROM THE BOOK: "Evacuees buried valuables in gardens & houses...
  16. Comparison of 1916 and 1905 Brit Penny-why the change?

    Worldtalker posted a find on Apr 2 his awesome find of a 1916 Brit Penny. Thanks and WTG Worldtalker!! Yesterday I posted a find of a 1905 Brit Penny, however, I am wondering why the profile of King Edward the VII was reversed sometime between 1905 and 1916? Does anyone have the answer to...