1. 1998 Lincoln penny with diamond markings on head

    Is this common? I wouldn't know the term for what's going on Lincoln's head, but have I finally found something worth posting?
  2. 1989 P Quarter blotch?

    I haven't seen one like this before. Is this spot normal wear and tear or during the coin process? Thanks a bunch
  3. 1994 D Penny

    Today I found a penny that has my attention!! 1994 with tons of details, close AM and I think the patina of the metal is off. I'm new here but not new to all the forums!! Opinions welcome!!! Thanks- KELANC
  4. Are my error coins good enough to put in auction? What kind of errors are these?

    Okay so I found a few pennies that I want to know about.. I have a 1992 with a 1980 something date stamped in Lincolns head... a 1994D with a warp or something.. & a 1977 with a smashed rim? I am basically looking for a second opinion on these before I send them in. Are they going to be worth...
  5. 1988 D Quarter Error??

    The mint mark on this coin looks weird to me. Is it a worthless error like machine doubling or something? Thank you!