1998 Lincoln penny with diamond markings on head


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Aug 12, 2019
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Is this common? I wouldn't know the term for what's going on Lincoln's head, but have I finally found something worth posting? 20191012_215455.jpg20191012_215506-ccfopt.jpgCM191012-213255012(1).jpgCM191012-210936006-ccfopt-ccfopt-ccfopt.jpg

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Are you referring to the dent (exit wound?:laughing7:) in ol' Abe's hairline? Is there a bulge on the back side?

No idea what it is, but kinda interesting.

Looks like Old Abe took a hit to the head. Bulge on reverse likely.

Time for more coffee.

I might have just been looking at coins too long today and I'm still working on photos I just see dime words on his head also not Diamond dime

Not quite sure what you mean by "dime words" but not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

I don't see much except the doubling of the rim between LIBERTY andn the top of Lincoln's head, plus doubling in LIBERTY.

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