Are my error coins good enough to put in auction? What kind of errors are these?


Jan 12, 2015
Xenia, Ohio
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Okay so I found a few pennies that I want to know about.. I have a 1992 with a 1980 something date stamped in Lincolns head... a 1994D with a warp or something.. & a 1977 with a smashed rim? I am basically looking for a second opinion on these before I send them in. Are they going to be worth sending in? And what kind of error are these? I'm really excited about it even if it's nothing huge. Thank you for looking :) camera_2015-01-09_16-38-32.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-38-19.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-37-40.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-10-25.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-11-40.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-14-44.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-15-23.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-15-44.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-15-52.jpgcamera_2015-01-09_16-16-17.jpg

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The 1992 has glue on it and the other two are damaged. The 1977 has had the rim flattened, and the 1994-D has been subjected to heat.

the 1994d was put under extremely hot conditions such as a science project where a Bunsen burner was used, all others look like PMD as well.

No errors here. All Post Mint Damage. A good short guide to common Mint Errors can be found near the back of almost any edition of the Whitman Red Book.

The most common Mint Errors I find are clipped planchet errors and off center obverse or reverse. If less than 5% offset and I return them to the wild.

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