1988 D Quarter Error??


Jun 20, 2014
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I just started learning about coins. Does this coin worth more than a quarter?

Like Huntsman said, it's only worth a quarter.

Thanks enamel, although I did not really say it, it was implied! However, we sometimes forget that some folks such as the O.P are new to coins and have no idea as to what PMD (Post Mint Damage) means. tnat94... When I stated that the coin had wear and Post Mint Damage, it means that these occurred after the coin left the Mint and being damage, the coin is only worth face value...no more and no less. Now, if the coin had an error on it that occurred at the Mint, it could possible have additional value above face value even with the damage.


Thank you guys, now I get it :thumbsup:

dang enamel, where abouts are you buying your rolls at?!? cause i wanta know!

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