1. Does this marking mean its real gold?

    The marking inside this gold ring says 18KGERSG what does it stand for?
  2. RING!!! Fake or real?

    Hi, I found this ring but it looks fake to me. The jewel is shimmery and is plastic, the metal is shiny but has a few chips in it. It has no markings. Fake right?! (It doesn't stick to a magnet)
  3. Confederate disc buttons

    I saw these selling on a popular auction site as confederate disc buttons. When I Google confederate disc buttons I get nothing. Does anyone know anything on this subject.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Is This A Real Meteorite?

    Hi, i'm new here and would like to ask for some help. There are some online sellers selling these meteorite pendants, can someone say if they are real or fake? I know that you can't say for sure wthout some equipment, nontheles, maybe there is something about them that screams fake and I don't...
  5. Real or Fake Cob?

    I am guessing this is a fantasy piece, but I could use an opinion on this one. Weight is 15.7 grams and diameter is 40.57mm at the widest point (not including the bail). Thank you very much for your thoughts. ~Nate
  6. Matisse - Rumanian Blouse

    I recently found this watercolor framed Matisse Rumanian Blouse. When I took it out of the frame there was this other scene painted on the back. Is this a forgery? Is it Real? The signature is on the bottom left.
  7. CEAAE 1800s Gold Coin

    Hey folks, been awhile since ive been out and about and first thing i hit in a public park on the "back side of a museum" is this River God coin and it all seamed possible considering where i was. I about you no what my pants until i started thinking about what i hit on the meter and it wasn't...
  8. This couldnt possibly be a solid gold Egyptian spoon could it?

    This couldn't possibly be a solid gold Egyptian spoon could it?
  9. Panama 1953 Un Balboa Fake??

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1953 Un Balboa. When I flipped it from obverse to reverse, I noticed that the images were approximately 15% off proper orientation. I referenced published information. The weight, 26.7 grams, is correct. The diameter, 38.1 mm, is correct. The thickness, .106...