1. Pitted rock??

    Found this pitted rock in a field in the Florida panhandle. Any ideas??
  2. Exchange field noise voltage at various locations

    Hi, I'm new to prospecting & metal detecting, but I've designed a metal detector & built a few versions. I'm interested in exchanging field noise voltage density per m^2 (nV/√Hz/m^2) measurements at various locations? I don't have much so far, just a few locations out here in the noisy city, but...
  3. Cant match roman coin.

    A coupke of buddies and I went out detecting the other day and i found a roman coin. I believe it to be silver but cant find a match to both front and back online. Hoping someone here might know. As far as i can gather i think its valentinian on the front. Any help is appreciated
  4. Complete Pocket Watch, Silver 5 cent piece, and large cent! The Video!

    Hey guys. So I posted some pictures of the relics and coins on found on a new field on Todays Finds and it became my most liked and commented post so far. I happened to bring my camera that day and I filmed the good finds as soon as they came out of the ground. So here's the video. You may find...
  5. Jessie James Hunt

    Hi, i'm new to this forum and i just wanted to share some information about an unlikely myth. So everybody has heard about Jessie James "The Outlaw not the singer :)". He was born in MO and was a Bushwhacker during the Civil War, Jessie and his gang robbed trains and bank. what did he do with...
  6. Ploughed land question

    Hi,I know a field that was ploughed in 2009,there is grass sown on it now but will the old stuff still be near the top like it was in '09 Thanks :)
  7. Having trouble gaining Permission

    Hi.I have a lot of fields beside me that would probobally bring up very interesting things,but the problem is,we havent the first clue who owns them?There is only one field that has a "trespassers will be prosecuted" sign and obviously i daren't go in there.But all other fields don't have a...
  8. Cotton Field gives up a 1941 D Dime

    :hello2:This is the first silver I've found in quiet a long time, but I knew if there ever was a place that would give up some silver coins it would be out in that cotton field and not very far from that old gravel road either. I've found several wheat pennies there on recent hunts so I figured...