1. NC Newbie Seeks Your Opinions

    Intro of a total Novice Hey all, new member from N.C. and from what I’ve already researched, it seems this is a special place! I very recently discovered gold on my property, and have begun the process of panning and filtering manually. However the gold ranges (so far) from flakes to fines to...
  2. Gold???

    Does this look like gold? Found in a creek stuck to a black rock. I'm a newbie to this site so thank ya'll for your help!
  3. Gold and silver flakes

    Would anyone know what the gold and silver flakes my boyfriend and I found are? We were out mining when I noticed a few of them on top of the ground. I then noticed that there was a chunk barely showing above the surface of the ground. We started digging and found that there was a pocket of...
  4. as always, Im just flakey!

    as always, I'm just flakey! went to my favorite site & braved the heat, chiggers & ticks to find only flakes. The material is so beautiful, if I ever find a whole one it will be gorgeous! but in the mean time, sigh, I'll keep huntin.