1. Need help identifying please

    I have a ton of inherited artifacts and fossils that I don't know much about. My parents died 11 hrs apart as a result of COVID 2 years ago this month and left a ton of stuff like this. I know very little any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Found around east Texas area.
  2. Stone tool with fossils/quartz?

    Could once again use some help weeding out the true artifacts from the truly just rocks. Out of the four I'm posting, only one I am fairly confident, in my limited knowledge, of being genuine is the smallest one. The one with lines thru it, I was going to post elsewhere but does have one end...
  3. Fossil?

    My wife spotted this at a State Park in Washington State...Whidbey Island....probably just an anomaly...but thanks for viewing.
  4. Please Help Identify

    Is it a fossil or Amber or some sort of stone I've spent hours trying to find something similar but ive had no luck. It seems to have red veins inside of it and u can definitely see the layers in it which makes me think it is some sort of fossilized egg? I'm stumped please help.
  5. Peculiar stone

    I found this stone today near a small steam in the smoky hill river region of Kansas. It's extremely heavy and has a slight magnetic pull. It seemed very out of place amongst the seemingly stoneless stretches of farmland. Any ideas or answers to what this is or may be will be appreciated!
  6. help needed

    help needed. now with pictures. Hello guys i found this on a beach in Denmark, and i really don't know what it is any help would be appreciated.
  7. Dinosaur Tooth?

    Hi, I found this about five years ago on a ranch we own in South Texas, about thirty miles north of Rio Grande City, TX. It looks like a tooth to me and I was hoping someone here could help me identify what kind of tooth it is or if it is not a tooth, what it is. I have taken the photos with a...
  8. fossil?

    found this a few yrs back close to a dino dig. don't think it's dino, but looks like possibly vertabrate. though it might just be concretion. pix aren't that good, but I have tried several times to get a good shot, not quite there. any thoughts would be appreciated.