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  1. World Series Champions, All-Star Autographs Found at Yard Sale for $1

    Check out what I found at a yard sale. The seller was planning to throw away all of the items at the end of the day, so everything was priced to sell ($1 per photo pack). I knew that these packs had to be worth something based on their age and seeing Mickey Mantle staring back at me. What I...
  2. 13 gram SILVER for $1!

    Found this silver medical bracelet at a yard sale and asked the lady how much she wanted. She said a buck so I got it. She had coin books there and I asked if she had coins for sale. She said she'd maybe put them out next sale... so I'll be stopping by there the next time i see a sale!!! (Lucky...
  3. Beanie Baby Find questions

    A few days ago I was at an estate sale. I found a nice antique meat grinder for $8.00 complete in box with directions. Looked up on eBay selling for $40.00. I was pleased. To be sure all was there in the box, I sat down at the guys home office desk to check the box contents. I noticed a Beanie...
  4. Found about $90 worth of stuff for only $7!

    Always awesome when you can make a good amount of money and have a ton of fun along the way!
  5. Flea market finds after it’s gone

    So in my neighborhood they use an old closed off to cars but not people parking lot, they are only there Friday through Sunday. During the week sometimes I go and look throughout the parking lot.. last week I found two gold necklace and a bunch of junk. Today I found a diamond earring, a Fitbit...
  6. Sterling Basket & Gold !

    Every weekend since middle of May, I have been finding bits and pieces of gold at garage sales. They are scrappy pieces like thin kinked necklaces and bracelets, thin flat light charms, one earring, etc.. I even bought a 18k child bracelet that was bent for a dollar. I ended up getting $96 from...
  7. $600 Draped Bust Silver Dollar purchased for $11

    Hey everyone, Earlier this year I purchased a 1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar for only $11. I purchased it as scrap not realizing its true value until I got home! The seller had a bunch of silver out, most of it silverplate but some sterling cutlery and coins. I gave him my best offer for the...
  8. Question - what are the biggest issues with treasure hunting at garage/yard sales?

    I have considered spending more time looking for garage/yard sales, but am having trouble finding them in my area. Are there any websites/apps that can help with this? Also, what are the biggest challenges with treasure hunting at garage/yard sales? Just don't want to waste my time!
  9. Yard Sale Haul Videos

    Hey fellow treasure hunters!! I'm loving what I'm seeing on this site, and I'm all about reselling. I just wanted to pop in and drop a link to my Youtube channel and website for fellow resellers to check out. Check them out if you want. I appreciate any feedback or criticism you can provide...
  10. Church Ladies Rummage Sale - Jewelry

    I went to an annual church rummage sale. I go there every year, however, this time I paid the $3 admission fee to go to their sneak preview the day before they opened. There had to be 25 people in line waiting to get in when I arrived. There was large area that was full of jewelry. Everyone was...
  11. What do you think of this new resource

    Hey everyone! What do you think of this resource for finding Garage Sales and Estate Sales? Homepage - GaragesalorGaragesalor
  12. Top 5 Things TO DO at Garage Sales!

    I am posting this here just to help out everyone. If anyone is a newbie garage saler, they will learn a lot from this video about networking and how to get the best deal for an item. This is the 5 things I do at garage sales in order to make the most money out of what I buy.
  13. Vintage Celluloid Roses Flower Necklace

    Went to a few yard sales after a fun night clubbing for my friend's 23rd birthday. At a yard sale I stumbled upon a really nice looking cameo necklace. Was gonna list it on Ebay, but I couldn't find out anything about the markings on the back (It keeps redirecting me to "shipping"). As I'm...
  14. Silver Plate or Sterling Spoons? *need help to id hallmark*

    I picked up these 2 spoons, however, I am not sure if it is sterling or not. I am hoping someone is familiar with these hallmarks as they are on the inside of spoon rather than on the back like you usually see. ( capital "C" inside a shield and what looks like a rampant lion inside another shield)
  15. NS Meyer New York - Sterling Wing Pin - WWII?

    I bought this sterling wing pin for $2.00. I believe it's from WWII. Its stamped "sterling" and NS Meyer New York. Its 3 inches from wing to wing. The pin opens up about less than half of the way. Does anyone know if this is an authentic piece of WWII? Any info would be appreciated! !
  16. From garage sale picking, to retail picking.

    I have been working broadening my skill at seeing value in items. I have probably made a few thousand dollars at retail stores just taking a little extra time looking around to see if there is anything that I could resell. A couple days ago I found a whole cart full of Woolite dry cleaning...
  17. Brass Letter Postal Box - Corbin Cabinet Lock Co.

    I picked up this brass letter postal box at a garage sale today for $5.00. It appears to be missing a knob or key lock to open the door and another part towards the lower end of box. The box stands close to 12" in height. It was made by the Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. in New Britain, Conn. USA. Does...