1. They lost and i found

    Everyone is hunting the same area. Too bad they haven't realized they're in the wrong spot!
  2. Beach mystery find need help ! Coin , badge? Silver , pewter?

    Found this in the seaweed wash up area of the beach, with historic significance in the northeast. Resembles designs found on reales or other old coins although i am stumped and have no idea what this is. Rings up 54-60 on my AT max and as jewelry/coins on my minelab. There is some coral or sand...
  3. Mystery find please any insight will help

    Found on the beach with historical significance in the sand by the water line where the seaweed washes up. There is some coral or sand build up on it. While using a toothbrush i was able to reveal a silver color on both front and back. The designs here look similiar to what would be found on a...
  4. Ordered the new ACE APEX!!

    I’m upgrading from a Tracker IV to the new Garrett Ace APEX! I am super excited as the video and limited reviews shows this to be one of the best Garrett Machines. Being that the trackers maximum depth was 5” with almost no ID, the incredibly high technology of the APEX is shaking me in my skin...
  5. Im new to maget fishing... any tips?

    Im new to magnet fishing... any tips? I bought a magnet that can hold up to 400 pounds. What are some good places to hunt?
  6. Rechargeable AA Batteries for Garret Ace 200?

    I was wondering if I should buy some rechargeable AA batteries for my Garret Ace 200. I probably will anyway, but since rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than alkaline batteries, I was wondering if it would be bad for my detector. Thanks!
  7. Questions about frequency on ACE series.

    I have heard about people with other detectors like Deus or I think Equinoxes changing the frequency and getting signals that weren't there before or something... being able to find more things on hunted ground. I know that the ACE series (at least the ACE 300, because I have one) has an...

    Im getting a lot of rain and snow out here so the rivers are all flooded. I cant get out so its this site and YouTube for now! I WANT TO SEE YOUR GOLD!! heres some of mine and my partners! :blob7:
  9. I dug 3 confederate buttons yesterday, here's the video!

    :hello2:If you watch, I hope you enjoy, because I sure enjoyed finding them 😜
  10. I dig 3 confederate buttons yesterday, here's the video!

    :hello2:If you watch, I hope you enjoy!
  11. Some good buys on entry detectors at Amazon

    Hi, Everyone. I'm planning a return to leisurely metal detecting after taking about 20 years off. Previously used an Eagle II and had a blast. I was surfing around and ran across a promo for anyone interested in some lower end detectors for kids or newbies. Amazon warehouse carries quite a...
  12. Is there any good pinpointer under $100? Or which one I should choose?

    Hello, and first of all, sorry for another thread like this. I have read pretty much every thread about pinpointers and I can not come to a good conclusion about what should I do. I have Eurotek pro for around a half of a month now and I am really happy with it. Great machine with double DD...
  13. fisher F2 V.s garret ace 150

    What is a more reliable detector the Fisher F2 or the Garret Ace 150 and If you have used any of the two would like your experiences while using it. Any info would be great thank you.
  14. Discounted Pioneer 505 vs New ACE 250

    I've got a place that I can purchase an unused demo unit Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 (8" Coil) for $200 or I could buy a new Garret Ace 250 with the Kellyco free accessories for $212 Which one should I get? (New to the hobby btw so feel free to offer anything like detectors or advice) I'm in...