Some good buys on entry detectors at Amazon


Jul 10, 2016
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Hi, Everyone. I'm planning a return to leisurely metal detecting after taking about 20 years off. Previously used an Eagle II and had a blast.

I was surfing around and ran across a promo for anyone interested in some lower end detectors for kids or newbies. Amazon warehouse carries quite a few Bounty Hunter models, plus a few others, and have a promo code "WDEARLY20" for Prime members giving another 20% off. Some of their detectors are already 15% off and the discounts stack. Just ordered a 'like new' Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro for $178 all-in.

Just thought I'd pass it along.

Looking forward to following the forums and once again experiencing the thrill of the find and the therapeutic solitude of a few hours swinging a coil. Thanks!

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