1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are These Diamonds?

    I have read as much as I could and looked at every image on the internet...and yet I'm still not confident if these are diamonds. Why? Because for every precious gemstone, there are 10 other stones that look exactly the same. 😂 I know kimberlite, blue ground, natural erosion of diamonds...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identifying Stones.

    I dug these up in Sweetwater, TX.
  3. Good gemstone shop vs bad?

    Hi there, my name is Timothy and I'm brand new to this forum (...technically I'm new to every forum on the planet lol). Anyway, I have a question I'm hoping maybe some of you can help me with: My friend runs a gemstone store, she knows her stones and does great quality work, but the site she...
  4. Newby-Excited to be here.

    Thomas Rocky Shores badge icon New Member · 21h · Hi everyone. Im back into metal detecting. Been an arm chair prospector mostly. Giving up playing music but will always enjoy prospecting. Planning on moving to a Gold bearing state soon. Like the adventure and fun or nature and finding...
  5. Does Anyone Know what Gemstone this?

    Hi I acquired a lot of gemstone beads from a relative and unfortunately I am having trouble identifying them. Does anyone know what this one is ?
  6. I believe these to be meteorite? Can any one more experienced please help me identify

    These passed the tests of appearance and also magnetic. What do you all think? Are they meteorites?5[/ATTACH]
  7. Help with unidentified objects

    My mother in law recently passed at 96 years old. As a child of the depression she never three anything away . I found these in a little baggie. Any idea on what they are?
  8. two silver rings

    Two silver rings I dug up near an old homestead they and cleaned up nice. One with diamond like transparent stones, the other with black onyx or jet like stones set in silver.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Identification help please

    Hello, First time posting. I have several items that I cannot identify. I found your site and hope that someone can tell me what some of these things are, if anything. I would appreciate any information or comment that you may have.
  10. Gemstones in PA

    I just joined and I’m more interested in gem hounding. I live in Allegheny County and I’ve only been able to find decent mines / sites around Eastern PA. I don’t really want to travel over 2 hours for a place, does anyone have recommendations? Thanks!
  11. Really need help identifying these

    I found these today while collecting quarts next to a creek in pennsylvania. They're dark green and at first I thought they could be glass but I'm not sure because of how thick they are and how they're shaped. I tried scratching glass with them and it barely leaves a mark, just slightly. Could...
  12. Please help me identify these rocks I

    Each picture is of a different Rock specimen I found in my backyard in an ancient Creek bed.
  13. Hello!

    Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well! :) Is there a section within the forum, where I can get help identifying some gemstone rings I have? Also am I able to post photos as a newbie? or are there any requirements to posting photos? Thanks, gemstmnr
  14. Advice appreciated. (Newbie)

    am very new to all this. I dug all these out of the creek behind my house. They all came out of a hole that is 2 x 2 x 2. I have been panning and haven't found any gold. Looking at these stones, is there anyway to tell if this is a good area to find gold. I have also found many garnets and...
  15. Found a silver ring with a ruby in it.

  16. We Are Selling Gold and Diamonds

  17. Raw Gemstones Detector

    Any detector work with raw gemstones?
  18. Any info about mine(s) near Temecula, Ca- Vail lake? I found something today.

    So excited I had to sign up and post. I was hiking near Sage/Vail Lake today, basically looking for rocks and tailings piles. I stumbled across a nice pile, then I discovered that it had a deep horizontal mine, so far that I couldn't see how far back it goes. It looked like it may have had a...
  19. Please Take a look AMAZING Star Rock.. Meteorite? Crystals Medals ID Please

    ok strong magnetic proprietress. Two large visible groups of deep Orange dare i say red crystal structures. Cubed medals within and protruding from stone. Approx 4.11 oz Looks like Fusion Crust from the little iv been able to understand on this. Looks like medal rock cooled and liquified over...
  20. Need an urgent help

    Hello everybody, and thanks for paying attention. in the attached images you will see a collection of founds (for me and some of my friends) from different locations. Well we need to know more information about these founds, and as well we are interested in knowing how valuable they are ??? any...