glass bottle

  1. Glass bottle makers mark..?!

    Does anyone happen to know what company this would be?! I've looked all over the internet and I haven't found it yet! It's driving me crazy! Lol
  2. I can't seem to date these bottles... Help please!

    Hi! I have these bottles (Some are from different locations) and I can't seem to date them. #1 (7.6 in tall) says "The W.H Cawley Co., Regis Tered, Dover NJ". It has a monogram of DBW I believe.The back of the bottle says "This Bottle, Not To, Be Sold" and on the bottom it says K. Hutter New...
  3. 2nd Seminole War era finds?

    Hello, New here and recently just found these both in a known 2nd Seminole war vicinity. They match up with what I have seen online, but amazed I found them! -Bottle top appears to be a wine or whisky 1830's style. Has bubbles in glass and seem on both sides run up the inside and stop before...
  4. HELP Duraglass Owen Illinois Bottle!

    Hi, So I found an old clear glass bottle in an older part of my small college town in NC. I usually use these bottles for art which is why I collect glass bottles (Usually Alcohol Bottles). However before I ruin this bottle with paint I want to know the history. I have been researching the...
  5. Glass Coca-Cola Bottle

    I have a 6 oz D-105529 Coca-Cola bottle from Salt Lake City. How much could I get with this?
  6. A Couple of Cool Finds from the creek nearby my place

    Yesterday I went on a walk to the public creek just down the road from my house. It was a very low tide so I decided to walk the shoreline and see what I could find. I ended up finding a couple of cool things from one of multiple sites where I believe there are old dump/wash-up sites. The finds...
  7. What kind of bottle is this?

    I assume it's an old medicine bottle maybe? I don't know what else would be put in a jar that small. On the bottom it has P&W across the top, a 6 in the middle, and H-13 across the bottom. Anyone know when it's from or anything about it? It was found down a hunting trail in Charles City, VA.
  8. Rockford Dairy Company Bottle Info?

    I found this Rockford Dairy Co. milk bottle while metal detecting an old dump site. It says sealed with an inverted 48 on the reverse side and a 27 on the bottom. I cannot find any info. on the company or any value info. on the bottle. Anybody know anything about them?
  9. INKS or FIRE Grenades??? Beautiful unembossed, AMBER/GREEN

    Hey Guys it's been a awhile hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do, probably the two most beautiful piece I've scored! so help...first I thought fire grenades/extinguishers, now maybe inks? IDK Help please! tons of little seeds the Amber one is very beautiful and smaller than the green...
  10. Old Whiskey Bottle

    Dug this out of an old trash pile at a farm in SC. Near an old homesite that is late 1800's/early 1900's. It says "J.T.S. Brown and Sons Distillers Louisville, KY" Would this bottle be from around that timeframe? I've found a little info on JTS Brown and Sons, but no similar bottles...
  11. Old Bottle

    Hi, I was out hunting for sea glass and came upon this bottle. I have posted pictures (sorry, some are sideways). Does anyone out there know how old it is and what it used to contain? You can see the markings on the bottom which read, B II 5 X. Thank you so much for your help!
  12. Everyone post your favourite ink!

    Hey, let's see your inks! This is my favourite, I dug it July 23, 2015. I was checking out an old home site in a wooded lot near a suburb on the other side of town, rode my bike there in the sweltering July heat. 'Walked about under these massive spruce trees where the house would have stood...
  13. Unusual The Gem Jar

    Unusual 'The Gem' Jar Hey everyone, I dig most of my glass but once in a while I will buy a piece if the price is right. I purchased this 'The Gem' jar as a Christmas gift to myself, not only because it is beautiful but also because I've never seen this style of lettering before. It has a...
  14. Coca cola bottle

    I found this coca cola bottle and am wondering if anyone can help me date it and possibly tell me what it would be worth :thumbsup: I think it might be from Puerto Rico, it's 1 litre and it has a plastic cap. Thanks, J
  15. Masonic symbols-honey amber flask

    The Eagle Side--The banner above says "E Pluribus Unum" The Eagle's talons grasp an olive branch with 5 leaves and 3 arrows. The laurel wreath below contains JP (maybe JHP, or HP--It's like a J and a P with a bar joining them). The sides are ribbed from the base of the neck to the base with 5...
  16. Glassboro 1850 Wheaton, NJ Flower remedy bottle??? Is this a good find????