gold bars

  1. Asian Loot Inventory

    Attached file is the possible Asian Loot Inventory scattered around Southeast Asia like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia but the BULK of it is in the Philippines. This is the reason why so many foreigners are coming to the Philippines to search for the hidden treasures of the Japanese. A few...
  2. Treasure Hunting Magazine for FREE!!!

    Found 2 issues of Treasure Hunting magazine on the internet and I'm sharing this for FREE. Downloadable PDFs for December 2021 and January 2022.
  3. LiDAR Technology for Mining & Treasure Hunting

    What can you say about LiDAR 3D Scanner using Satellites and Drones? Are there proven treasure finds using LiDAR technology that can scan more than 40 meters underground?
  4. Best detector for finding 10lb gold bar in bottom of river

    Hi all, I'm new here and to detecting in general. I am looking for some advice on the best way to recover, or try to, a couple of 5-10lb gold bars that were tossed in a river a little over 100 years ago. I know the area and the water is slow moving and about 10ft deep. What's the best...
  5. Howdy Yall !!!!! In search Of The Truth.

    Yeee !!!! Haw!!!!!! hello everyone. I just wanted to say thanks ahead of time for following me on a crazy and exciting ride though a maze of mixed signs on an Authentic Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure site... John site.. Coming very soon!!!!! I will start uploading photos here and...
  6. Fun Tour de Gold. 5 Oz nuggets, bars, dore, dust, Coins All the table! $200k+ worth

    So we finally got our gold back from the gem show, took the post office 13 days to deliver what should have been 2 days...go postal service Yay! got scared it was gone for a bit!! Anyway, this shows some of what came in today. A nice dore bar. Placer nuggets. A 5 oz nugget. An Australian...