Howdy Yall !!!!! In search Of The Truth.

Apr 11, 2015
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All Treasure Hunting
Yeee !!!! Haw!!!!!! hello everyone. I just wanted to say thanks ahead of time for following me on a crazy and exciting ride though a maze of mixed signs on an Authentic Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure site... John site.. Coming very soon!!!!! I will start uploading photos here and there. I have been at it for about 16 years now and haven't regret one bit of the journey. I learned a lot from my father but seems nowadays He's learning more from me. So hold on to your Hats, make friends and enjoy the Ride. Cant wait to start mingling with you fine folks.


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Welcome Aboard! You didn't list your state (or country) in your profile. So, you might consider jumping over to Sub-Forums: Select Your Area.... and selecting your state for information (i.e., clubs, hunts, finds, legends, maps, etc.) directly related to your state (or country).

Hello from Colorful Colorado and welcome to the site.

Welcome aboard :icon_thumleft:

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