1. Couple of artifacts I found this month in the Tricities TN area

    Hey everyone, I’m very new to Native American artifact hunting. I wanted to share what I found recently. The first piece is a little larger than a quarter. It is made of sandstone, and is not very pretty. The only reason I even picked it up was that I noticed it had been notched in 4...
  2. Preserved my first Relic - Info/Advice Appreciated

    So I hunted a field were a school house used to sit in the mid 1800s and found a pretty cool hammer. I have only found one other like it on the internet a #10 hammer? Mine does not have any markings I tired the Apple Cider and brushing treatment for two weeks and coated in Crisco and baked for 2...
  3. Metal fork - brass

    Antique store find - brass about 6 inches in length - hammer or handle with two rounded prongs. Rings when hit but doubt it's a tuning fork. Not sure if it is antique or tooled to appear old. Looking for a purpose and identification.
  4. Tiny Pecker

    Today I made my second and final attempt at hunting an overgrown confederate camp site (supposedly). It was a lousy hunt, but I found this tiny pecking hammer. It made for a few good jokes.
  5. 3/4 groove stone maul head

    I inherited this beautiful 3/4-Grooved Stone Maul Head from my father, who found it while working on the family farm (in central Minnesota) half a century ago. I would also like to glean some insight into what you guys might know about such artifacts. There are more pictures available at...
  6. How old is this AXE & HAMMER?

    Anyone out there know how old or what century this Axe and Hammer were from? The both look antique especially the axe. Any info would be great! I tested it with a magnet and it does stick to both.
  7. Coins and an old hammer

    Hello Treasure Hunters, It’s been a long time since I’ve seen ya. Been busy, hot, tired and a wee bit lazy too. Oh yeah, I got excuses too,:laughing7: but I’m sure you don’t want to hear them. Anyway, I managed to get to a local park yesterday with my metal detector. They had a carnival there...
  8. Help dating mallet / hammer for sale I am bidding on - Any help appreciated

    Hi I have a bit on this antique maller / hammer I found on ebay, and am wondering if anyone can help me date it or get more info on it? The seller has kind of a weak description. Any help is appreciated. Antique Early American Wood Mallet Hammer Tool Old Vintage Farm Primitive Decor | eBay...