Preserved my first Relic - Info/Advice Appreciated


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Feb 24, 2016
Elizabethtown, IN
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So I hunted a field were a school house used to sit in the mid 1800s and found a pretty cool hammer. I have only found one other like it on the internet a #10 hammer? Mine does not have any markings
I tired the Apple Cider and brushing treatment for two weeks and coated in Crisco and baked for 2 hours @ 250 last night. I'm not sure all the rust is completely out of the cracks and around the head of the hammer so I may try a second round.

Any info on the hammer would be appreciated. 1800HAMMER.jpg

Is the Crisco baking permanent or should you put through a paragon wax bath?

I believe if functions similar to the paragon wax but may not be permanent. Someone with more knowledge can speak to that. This is the cheapest method I had available though. I'll read up on the wax for sure.

***Update*** I just discover this is actually part of a Monkey wrench really wish it had some markings! The notch is for the adjustment mechanism. Now I need to get out and find the missing piece.

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Ya beat me to it. I was going to mention it was a wrench. Don't be embarrassed. Over the years on Tnet, other folks have mis ID wrenches as hammers.

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