hardrock mining

  1. MELTING GOLD BULLION - Gold Bars in Box Furnace

    Hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving!! We fire up the box furnace and start melting gold bullion! Dirty, dull sponge gold turns into beautiful gold bars and we end up with a huge shiny gold button! There are many ways to melt gold and pour a bar but the best way is to use what you have.
  2. SCREAMER IN THE WALL! - Metal Detecting Gold in an Abandoned Mine!

    We re-open a Gold Mine deep in the Wilderness to discover its hidden treasures! Metal detecting gold and relics in the mine helps us to date the past workings. The gold ore samples collected show good free milling gold values which are encouraging enough for us to start small scale...
  3. HUGE 246 gram Button! SMELTING GOLD - Colorado Gold Mining

    What a day! This 500 gram assay yields a 246 gram button! Melting rocks, blazing white heat and beautiful gold, what more could you ask for! Fire Assaying is a time tested technique to quantify precious metal values within any given rock. Melting rocks is just about as fun as blowing up rocks!
  4. Exploring the Old Abandoned Black Sheba Mine

    We dive into the Black Sheba Mine⛏ and trace some geologic features. This mine is full of brightly colored mineralization! Later, we explore an old ghost town and find some really cool botryoidal chalcedony and opal deposits.
  5. How to find Gold Ore, It all starts with a Hole in the Ground!

    Reopening a rich historic gold mine. This is one of many shafts that we are working on. This is my personal Rags to Riches tale of what it takes to find that Motherlode Gold! We're still working on the riches part ;) How would you deal with that huge slab that is ready to fall in the shaft...
  6. Let's Crush Ore! (part 3) MOTHERLODE GOLD Prospecting, it's getting exciting!

    🍂Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Gold Diggers! May you and your families stay happy and healthy! I am thankful for my family, my extended gold family and for the freedoms I have that allow me to pursue my passions and dreams in life! Thank You for your continued support! We did it! Struck Gold...
  7. Exploring the Right Flank of the Mine and sampling the VEIN!

    Hey guys, this is part 2. where I explore the right flank of the mine all the way in and take multiple samples from the vein. This mine is shaping up to be a really good candidate for stoping, pushing forward or starting a new level. Pretty darn exiting!
  8. Heading down into a new Gold Mine

    Hey guys, I'm starting a new little series on this mine. We will document the exploration, sampling and gold production, should be pretty interesting! Check it out if you would like. Please join us on the adventure.
  9. Mining Relics of the Mother lode

    Mining Relics of the Mother lode There are relic's from the California Gold Rush all over the State. The pictures in the video are from Grass Valley to Beckwourth and just about every camp or village in between. When Gold was discovered in California in 1848 it started a mass expedition to the...
  10. Opinions for a newbie - gold/pyrite/copper/iron

    I have some samples I soaked in muriatic acid for a few days- it's got all the good colours and some very obvious mineralization. Is the golden colour I'm seeing mainly pyrite? I'm waiting to crush it until my partner is present. Any thoughts?
  11. 11" Impact Mill for sale..

    gotta go.. deleted..