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Nov 18, 2010
High Rockies
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What a day! This 500 gram
assay yields a 246 gram button!
Melting rocks, blazing white heat and beautiful gold, what more could you ask for!
Fire Assaying is a time tested technique to quantify precious metal values within any given rock.
Melting rocks is just about as fun as blowing up rocks!

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May 29, 2005
St. Louis, missouri
I just wonder....... back in the old days when Assayer's would do this if they would possibly miss tiny specks of gold /silver / etc. in the slag if they would have rushed the assay ??? And I wonder if prospectors today would pass up the possibility of re-smelting this slag in hopes of finding something ? Maybe the old or broken crucible might have something left in it ??? One could only dream !!:icon_thumright:

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