1. A drive through tour of Malakoff Diggins and North Bloomfield

    Take a drive through tour of the Malakoff Hydraulic Diggings and the town site of North Bloomfield formerly Humbug California. ( TM 005 )our other video of Malakoff
  2. Old book and would like any info you may have.

    Found at a sale with some other books. I'm not a book person but I bet one of you are. The book part has pulled away from the cover. The binding of the pages is intact. The cover seems to be some type of inlaid leather. As always, your help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Display cases made from 200 year old nails I dug from Historical Tavern

    Well folks here they are. Display cases made out of solid oak and 200 year old historical tavern nails $150.00 plus shipping and handling .Offering 3 different back grounds, brass screen (featured), copper, or bronze wave. All boxes are hand built custom by me and feature lighted top, 2 glass...
  4. From Central Ohio, ready to hunt but dont know what!

    From Central Ohio, ready to hunt but don't know what! I've been a member here for several years and enjoy looking at other folks' finds and reading their stories. Other than 2 gem mining trips in SC and one short visit to a beach, I haven't done any other searching though I now have the time to...
  5. Adventurous expeditions to find treasures

    Greetings everyone, This is my first post, however I will be cutting right to the chase. My apologies if by doing so I somehow manage to offend someone. My friend and I are planning to lead a life of looking for both historical as well as scientific treasures. Our scope is going to be the whole...
  6. Need help authenticating this Lincoln Assassination newspaper..

    I might have come across an amazing find!! For less than $20, I got this at an auction. It was being sold as a 'picture frame lot'. It seems to be a framed newspaper of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. I'm really excited that I might have found a historical document, but I have no money to get...
  7. can someone help ID these coins? any history, mint, anything at all

    coin 1 Coin 2 Coin 3Coin 4
  8. ✅ SOLVED any clue as to what this coin is?

    a small coin we found in our collection, no idea as to what it is. any help?
  9. another unknow coin can someone help me ID?

    same as before i cant seem to id this coin, any takers?
  10. unknow coin please help

    same as before i have no idea what this is can anyone id?
  11. trying to figure out what this coin is?

    can anyone tell me what this is?
  12. last coin for the day great find

    great coin found while we were going thru things, would love to know any history
  13. foregin money i think anyone familiar with this?

    i think this is from ancient china or japan but i cant tell anyone know?
  14. another coin, its incased might be a pendent of some kind

    last coin for the day its incased in a glass pendent case. not sure what kind of coin it is.
  15. another great find help please?

    more coins in our collection any info would be great
  16. older coin please help!

    another coin in the collection same as before looking into any kind of information on them
  17. another great coin! any information?

    another coin in our collection we could use any information on.
  18. another great find help please?

    again another coin in our collection
  19. another great find help please?

    another coin in our collection can anyone tell me anything about this particular coin?
  20. a great find, help?

    another coin in our collection any help?