1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying, or opinion if it’s a fishing hook. Thank you.

    Fish hook is what it looks like but not sure. Can anyone give me another answer? Found in a farm field.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Barn Wall Find

    I was going through some pieces hanging on a barn wall the other day. Amongst a myriad of horseshoes, plow blades, etc, I spotted this little hook. I won't taint this post by stating what I think it is because I can't find a similar example online. 2-3/4" Long, 1-1/4" Wide
  3. ✅ SOLVED Hook Shaped Item

    I saw this piece in a post by dfallis1 earlier today. Always wondered what it could be for. Anyone?
  4. ✅ SOLVED Some sort of meat hook?

    Hi guys, I dug this up earlier today near my grandmothers homestead, roughly 5 inches underground. It gave off an iron signal so I am taking an educated guess and saying that it is made of iron. Very rusty and the two prongs seem to be different lengths. The object is roughly 6 inches long...
  5. If Peter Piper Hooked a Hook What Kind of Hook Would He Hook?

    Got a new pin pointer today (other one lost its mind out of pure boredom) and despite the mud and rain I went out back to my mini mine field of assorted metal mysteries. After locating several targets, and missing them, today was one of those days I was just too lazy to put the headphones on...
  6. Didnt find the house, but found the tool shed

    Didn't find the house, but found the tool shed I had a much needed productive day in the woods. I went out yesterday trying to locate two old houses I found in an aerial photo from the 1930s near my house in the middle of the woods. I could not find the houses or any sign of them last night so...
  7. Help! What is this strange Iron Hook Thing?

    Hello all, I just pulled this out of my electrolysis bucket. I originally dug it under a house in Downtown Charleston. I was wondering if anyone had any clue as to what it is? I have found buttons from the 1790s, to stuff from the 1890's. Thanks!
  8. Medieval bronze buckel

    A sunny day and then fill the cool breeze of summer rain that happened in the distance! Today I'll show you a story! Story May 1 detector! 1. Harvesters knife 2. a protective amulet in the shape of a horseshoe (I think) 3. Interestingly stake wrought 4. Hook strange unidentified 5. piece of...
  9. Some kind of hook

    I found this yesterday in a local park, not far from a large one-cent piece, does anyone have any ideas what this is? I know it's some kind of hook, but what was this used for? thanks for any help and HH! I also found the plate in same area