Didnt find the house, but found the tool shed


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Apr 29, 2014
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Didn't find the house, but found the tool shed

I had a much needed productive day in the woods. I went out yesterday trying to locate two old houses I found in an aerial photo from the 1930s near my house in the middle of the woods. I could not find the houses or any sign of them last night so I looked at the photo again today and decided I went into the woods too far down the road I was on. So I went back today and went into the woods I walked up a large hill and followed quad paths for about 30 mins. With darkness closing in and the realization that I don't really know where I am at I figured I would not find any of the structures for the second day in a row. A few minutes later I spot a small rock foundation maybe 8ft by 15ft or 20ft. I'm so relieved at this point because I have been hiking a lot lately with only bug bites and jagger bush cuts to show for it. So I put my coil to the ground in the foundation. Within 20 minutes I pulled up 8 targets or so. The two I was the most happy about were the axe head and the hook. The spoon was cool, but wasn't silver and I just brought the mason jar lids home to get them out of the woods. My dad says the other round object is a hub or something to an old Ford truck. Sorry I only have one picture of the finds I got home at dark and just put them in a bucket to clean up. I was very happy with the finds especially because there was a lot of sign that people had been there recently even though it is a mile or so from the closest house. I decide to start making my descent down the hill to find my car when I veer off the path to see if I could find the house. I didn't but when I go back to get on the path I take the wrong one and end up finding another foundation! It was bigger, but I still don't think it was the house. I did not detect it at all as it was almost dark. The picture of the foundation is the second one I found. I will post more pictures of the site when I go this weekend (t storms all week)
Thanks for looking!!
Sorry if the picture of the foundation is sideways.

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You're putting in a lot of miles looking for those houses. I am hoping it pays off for you once you do locate them. A hand held GPS would really help in a situation like this. Good luck.

Love old ax heads, have dug one & kinda stumbled onto another, lol. :tongue3: Let us know what you dig at that second foundation!:icon_thumleft: And have fun! :cat: Andi

Is that hook an old hay hook? If nothing else, you're going to get an appreciation for your finds after all the effort you've been making. Thanks for your pics. I hope you are well rewarded.

Looks like you got the potential for a lot of fun!!!! Best of luck to you buddy.

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