indian artifacts

  1. Dec 18 2021 The hunt for the elusive hardstone

    The hunt for the elusive hardstone Friday evening the rain started, a steady cool rain accompanied by strong winds. There was a strong front the week prior which brought record tornadoes to the Midwest including Bowling Green KY, the hometown of my wife’s family. Very thankful we sold our...
  2. Geofacts from New England

    I just happened upon this site and I am hoping for some feed back into an artifact/geofact controversy I have been thinking about. I live nearby a brook in Southern New England that recently had a new section cut by a course change in the stream. In a section about the size of a small flower...
  3. Hello from Texas new here have some artifacts to share....

    I've always loved rocks and now I think I have actually found some cool ones that may be of interest. found either on my family's property or in my driveway here at home from a load of river pebbles.
  4. What do you see?

    So I'm guessing there will be controversy over these and that's fine but before u say no way there's no markings or knicks or blah blah blah. Stone sculptures are some of the most widely found littlest known about artifacts there are. I know everyone probably had maybe seen 3 dots on a rock and...
  5. grinding stone with ball

    found this in southwestern missouri. can any one tell me some history on what it might have been used as ? fond the ball with it.
  6. Does anyone know what these are? Indian beads/money??

    I met an older gentlemen that ive got to talking about hunting arrowheads with and he gave me a box full of stuff he has found over the years and these were in the collection..Does anyone have any idea what they are? Any help would be much appreciated..Thank you in advance.
  7. Kentucky & Southern Indiana Artifact hunting

    Does anyone hunt for artifacts in Jefferson county, other bordering counties, or southern Indiana. If so, what in particular do you look for?
  8. Topography Maps Help

    I have heard of people using topography maps to find potential places to look for arrowheads and other artifacts. What should you be looking for on these maps that would be indicators of a place a camp could've been?
  9. New jersey 1st timer

    I need helping finding areas to bring my kids to look for arrow heads. I've done a ton research but I can't really find a solid place to look. I have had many finds in Arkansas but it seems New Jersey just isn't as plentiful with artifacts. I'm not asking for secret spots but just help in the...
  10. North GA artifacts?

    I fount these on our property. Obviously the one is an arrowhead but I'm not sure of the type or era. The other looks like a hand axe and then a possilbe grinder, both of these fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. Any help or ideas?
  11. HELP NEEDED Indian Silver Mine, referenced as a Swift Mine

    ..... OK, so I grew up in WV near Indian Camp in Upshur County, an Indian Camp older than recorded time here in America.. My whole life I have heard tidbits of a supposed Silver Mine at Indian Camp. --- CAN ANYONE FIND REFERENCE TO THIS SILVER MINE.? (Indian record.? Indian Tales.?) ...
  12. Native treasures vs. Museum "research"

    Interesting article and why I cringe when I think about having to declare finds of antiquity. It all comes down to money... Arizona tribes: Law requiring return of relics hasn't met promise
  13. No Real Secret Here

    Last year I visited a known, but not very popular, Pueblo site. This area of the state is littered with ruins like these (all of which are accessible without permits because it is on government land) but it requires lots of 4 wheel driving and very strenuous hiking. Because they are so hard to...
  14. Ancient Tools or Rocks ???

    Here are a few more in the tool/problematic category. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  15. Indian Artifact???

    Found this near a secluded section of a river. Its Cypress, and about seven inches long. Its relatively smooth on the outside and smooth on the inside.
  16. Questions about items I have found - and I am new so open to redirection if need be.

    Hi All! I am a first time poster and wanted to ask if anyone could provide insight to some items I have found. I am in Douglas County Ga and found these in a couple or so different areas all near my home and some on my property. It may be a bit overkill on the photos (sorry) just learning how...
  17. I purchased 2 Collections of Indian Arrowheads today

    I wanted to keep some and put some up for sale. Would any be museum-worthy? How would I go about sorting and pricing them accordingly. Can someone refer to a local place in Washington? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  18. Killer Creek Finds with wifey, 3 points and pottery bowl

    We were out in about in one of our St. Louis County creeks today and found some dandies! (well, we like em) Anyone ever seen a pottery bowl like this half we found today?
  19. Indian Art and tool in one?? COOL BUT NO CLUE?! Found in Central IL.

    I found this in a creek while mushroom hunting last spring. I thought is was fossils that made this rock cool but I think man altered this. To me it looks like a mask of a human and a bird. THen you have atleast 3 other markings on it that look man made to me. any help or direction would be awesome.
  20. Few South carolina arrowheads