HELP NEEDED Indian Silver Mine, referenced as a Swift Mine

Apr 14, 2016
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..... OK, so I grew up in WV near Indian Camp in Upshur County, an Indian Camp older than recorded time here in America.. My whole life I have heard tidbits of a supposed Silver Mine at Indian Camp. --- CAN ANYONE FIND REFERENCE TO THIS SILVER MINE.? (Indian record.? Indian Tales.?) ..... throughout my life I have heard enough about this supposed mine to whole heartedly believe that it is there. ..... I was really close to the family that found the strange tools in a cave, and later that family found four silver bars while plowing a field. ..... by reading the McWhorter papers it appears that there was a copy of Jonathan Swift's journal given to Judge Richard Apperson that also describes this silver mine and hidden caches ........... seems logical that this could be a Swift Mine .... It is my personal belief that maps aren't going to help ANYONE with this search (America hadn't even been rightfully surveyed by the time most of these mines were supposedly hidden). ........... The hills of West Virginia (as others have pointed out) would have been a more likely place to hide. ..... and oddly enough, a couple hills over from Indian Camp is French Creek (Indian Camp is actually in French Creek). ............... Jonathan Swift supposedly learned of the Silver mines from the Indians, his guide was supposedly Indian or French/Indian ....... There's Too Much Evidence to point to the fact that this mine is there. ..... I'm looking for a Hunting Partner, anyone interested.? ..... I'm going to Indian Camp tomorrow for a day out with the family to scout arround and take pictures

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Jun 25, 2009
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I have no info on the the ancient mine, but from what I have studied almost all of the silver used by ancient groups in the Ohio River valley came from the Great Lakes area. This has been confirmed through trace element analysis, and it's pretty accurate. There are open pit mines on Isle Royal in Lake Superior, and certainly many other pits that have been filled in or covered on the Keweenaw peninsula. There are also occasional deposits of copper that contain silver that were pushed down by glaciers, but it still came from the same sources.

But, if you check out some pictures of the prehistoric copper mines in Michigan, you might get some ideas of what an ancient copper mine might look like in WV. They'd be pretty easy to miss.

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