1. ✅ SOLVED Military Insignia Found on New England Farm

    Got out for a short hunt yesterday on the farm near my house. Dug a great sounding signal on the legend, and this popped out. I believe it is military, but not sure. The legend on the top says "First In Last Out." It was made by N.S. Meyer Inc. in New York City. Meyer Inc. was famous for making...
  2. 20231125_180814.jpg


    94th Artillery insignia, my first good find with the Equinox 900. Ever seen one like it?
  3. Cow head inside laurel wreath, circular brass insignia? Any clues?

    I found this circular brass relic near a civil war encampment that is also a farm. I wonder if it is a livestock medallion- like something you would hand someone at a 4-H competition? Anyone have any idea what this might be? Just not sure what to make of it?
  4. Civil War Accouchements or Insignia?

    Can anyone please positively identify these two artifacts? Oval item is heavy brass with a six or nine on it, back is plain with a rim like it came off something. Leaf is thin brass, probably, also nothing on the back other than the reverse of the impression. Found in an area civil war or...
  5. Help!! Need help with a Ww1 helmet symbol!!

    This ww1 helmet has a lance corporal insignia on it but i dont know if it is genuine to ww1. Please help
  6. Large chrome W emblem with wings?

    A friend got this in a box of auction items, other stuff in the box dated pre-1953. A very large (15 inch) curved chrome logo featuring the letter W in a circle with wings. We've been snooping every automobile and aviation manufacturer we can come up with, even a few appliance companies, with...
  7. Good summer

    I know I don't post every time I go hunting or every time I find something interesting but I figured I'd post a little report on some of my recent milestones. My 7th sterling silver fork A nice 925 ring as my 50th dug ring. I found an 1882 Indian head cent to add to my collection. (Not my...
  8. Very cool Military item..

    Hello all. Just came back from a quick dig at an old farm. I got a great signal after digging a few very iffy ones. I'm usually a beach hunter but a friend had asked me to help find a lost ring. He told me that his farm was early 1700's and I might find something interesting in the process. So...