1. Locations for civil war artifacts in Virginia

    Finally I recently started metal detecting. Does anybody know any sites in Virginia and/or Maryland where you can find civil war relics? To be as clear as possible, please give GPS coordinates if you can along with any other additional information. Also, I would like to find some people to go...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Can anyone identify this arrowhead (Patapsco State Park, Maryland)

    Hi there, I’m new to this site and would love some help identifying our first-ever found arrowhead! It was found on the river bank of the Patapsco River in Maryland. Thank you so much!
  3. Gold Prospecting in Maryland

    First off, I wanted to say hi to anyone reading this thread. It is my first post here on treasurenet and I was hoping for some advice. I am in the baltimore county area and was wondering if anyone in Maryland knew of some places I could try out panning. I see there is some areas near DC and I...
  4. What’s this?!?

    Was at a job site today and found these pieces. I picked them up as I thought they were out of place. Foundation just dug near Potomac river King George
  5. Help find my wedding band ocean city md

    I was married in 2010 and had custom made rings for me and my spouse. During a trip to ocean city md in 2011/2012 I was splashing in the ocean when my band flew off and plunged into the murky ocean water. My husband and a man that witnessed the tragedy searched for hours, but it was gone. If...
  6. Metal detecting Virginia/Maryland?

    Going to be taking a trip down to Maryland/ Virginia area in a few weeks and want to get in some detecting. Does anyone know of any spots of civil war significance that allow detecting? Not looking for any secret spots, even if it is a well known area its better than nothing. I know most...
  7. DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia?

    Hi - Anyone diving in DC, Northern Virginia or Maryland? Thanks, Laur
  8. Detecting recommendations for Maryland and Virginia.

    Are there any good places to detect in Maryland and/or Virginia.
  9. Calvert Cliffs whale vert

    I found this whale vertebrae at Calvert Cliffs. It's the best thing I've found there so far.
  10. Prince George County

    I'm not sure if I picked the right forum, because the object I am asking about is definitely a police badge.........BUT, my question is about the age and source more than what it actually is. First, a little info--this old badge has seen better days, but it is still readable thanks to a little...
  11. Looking for gold in maryland

    I live in the upper right corner of Maryland Right on the pa line. I have been poking around streams here 1 bucket at a time. Can anyone around here give me any ideas of a place that might hold some color. I have 2 sluice boxes a bunch of pans and 2 metal detectors. any help would be greatly...
  12. The Western Maryland (Gold)

    Hello Like to know if it is gold in the Garrett county, MD? I read some where that the first gold rush in USA was in Potomac river. If that is true can you still find gold in the upper Potomac river. the other question is can you find it with metal detector or do you have to use a wash pan...
  13. 🙋 WANTED War of 1812 artifacts and relics- esp. Mid-Atlantic Region

    Hello! I'm new here, and hoping this is the right place to put this, but I am looking for any War of 1812 artifacts such as buttons, musketballs, crossbelt plates, etc. from the War of 1812, especially if they're from the Maryland/Virginia area. British or American is fine. Thank you!
  14. Ellicott City Oella Area

    I just moved into a log house. The main part of the house was built around 1808 or so. No one really knows but all of the nails used are square and it's of the same look as the 1807 log house in Ellicott City. I took my 10yo boy out back for some treasure hunting. We are using a Garrett AT...
  15. New from Eastern Shore MD

    Hello everyone! Just ordered a detectorpro from kellyco because of this forum just got me interested! Anyone on the eastern shore MD want to meet up and go treasure hunting hit me up!!! I've found 6 nails and a peice of old siding so far but thats just in my yard haha!
  16. Metal Detecting in Maryland

    Hello all, My wife and i are new to Metal Detecting and were trying to find some good places to go. We just purchased our first metal detector and are mainly doing it as a hobby and a reason to get out of the house and be together, but... of course we want to find some good stuff! Just...
  17. Medical Button, better picture, please help

    Anyone know what time period? Found behind 1920's house in MD with Ace 250. About the size of a quarter. Thanks!
  18. Columbia Maryland Area Hunting

    I am in Howard County and looking for people to hunt with. Searching for my first silver coin and hoping I can meet someone on here that can show me some good spots. I use an Ace 250 and go out as much as possible. Let me know.
  19. Medical Button found in Maryland

    The button in my profile picture is the one I am talking about. Cant seem to pinpoint the era it is from. Any info appreciated. About the size of a quarter. Found with Ace 250.
  20. Southern, Maryland (Calvert, Charles, and St. Marys Counties)

    Southern, Maryland (Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Counties) I'm a 41 year old married family man living in Southern, MD (La Plata, MD). I've lived all over Maryland and recently Leesburg, VA for a short stint before coming back to Maryland. Always had a love of history, relics, primitive...