Southern, Maryland (Calvert, Charles, and St. Marys Counties)

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Apr 20, 2012
Southern Maryland
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Southern, Maryland (Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Counties)

I'm a 41 year old married family man living in Southern, MD (La Plata, MD). I've lived all over Maryland and recently Leesburg, VA for a short stint before coming back to Maryland. Always had a love of history, relics, primitive living, the woods, as well as days of old. I recently bought my first MD (Whites Prism IV) and looking to get familiar w/ it. Looking for individuals and groups who want to periodically get out for hunts around the area. Got some places in mind and been researching. Working on several Civil war spots w/ permission. Lemme know. Thanks, Rob.

Good Afternoon, How is searching in Southern MD going???


I'm up in VA, lived in Leesburg for years. I'm "forced" to go to So Md on a regular basis, my mother-in-law lives there. I'd love to trade off some spots for some detecting. I've detected a few spots in St Mary's but never have had any luck.. The in-laws have gotten a few spots for me. I stopped taking my machines years ago but now I think I might have to start again. Let me know if you want to met up sometime.. I'll let you know when I'll be that way and vice versa as far as Loudoun County.


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