metal detcting

  1. WWll Sterling Relic Found!!

    Hello folks! Was super happy with this 50 cent sterling ww2 pin I found at the thrift store today. I looked on ebay, and it's going for around 40-60 dollars. Not sure if I could get that for it. But still cool. Need some advice about this possible sterling spoon. There is markings on the back...
  2. Storytimr#3 Reale Gold

  3. Merc & Buffalo Spill

    Went out detecting my homestead for a bit today so I can get used to my new NEL Superfly 11x12” for my Apex. It’s a great coil to add to your arsenal, for sure. I was swinging over a spot I’ve hit many times and found a 1944-D Mercury Dime and a 1937 Buffalo Nickel. Woo!! Have a great weekend...
  4. Legend Garrett Apex school tear out

  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Furniture leg?

    Found metal detecting today. It is hollow, has at least three nails in the top. The bottom is very rusted, but looks like it could be a wheel. It’s is an inch wide and about 2 feet long.
  6. 🥇 BANNER Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    So I haven't posted in a while, but this one rang up on my Equinox 600, and I was pretty stoked. 18k gold ring, 17g. I need some info on this, because I'm getting mixed reviews. Some say the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" makes it definitely Templar Masons, others say the scimitar makes it...
  7. Detecting Modesto

    Hey what's up everybody I'm from Modesto and new to metal detecting if anybody wants to link up and share metal detecting stories hit me up.
  8. Found near Colonial era forge site, what is it?

    Was found about 20 feet from a stream off a big hill where an old forge used to be. Iron Thanks and happy detecting
  9. Early morning detecting in Pueblo

    Pre-dawn front lawn metal detecting. This was my 4th target! I know it is late 19th to 20th century, no mark, but red paint on back, The only thing I found online associated with red paint and army button was D. EVAN'S & CO... who knows? The target was 3 to 4 inches deep in front of the train...
  10. Union Depot Station, Pueblo, Colorado. Planning the hunt.

    I have worked for the owners of the Depot in Pueblo since 2014. I have been metal detecting for a week, and already have the fever to hunt. Today I plan on asking permission to metal detect the property. My family lived in Pueblo since the 1800's. In 1943 my grandfather left for WWII from this...
  11. Amherst, Massachusetts area metal detecting

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good spots to metal detect around the Amherst area in Massachusetts. Any info would be useful, thanks!
  12. VA beach finds from this week

    This week's haul included a junk ring, tons of clad, a 2017 charm, and a WW2 bullet jacket (and scrap metal). I didn't have the best of luck but I had a great time. Maybe next time, right?
  13. Poor Farm Findings

    After some extensive hiking and hacking through the woods, I come across the cellar holes of the old farm house property. As I dig deeper into the thickets, I come across springs for beds and melted glass scattered across the ground, along with other metal pieces. This is where it gets good, as...
  14. My coolest find ever!! 1918 Dort radiator emblem

    Hey Group I'm Matt and I'm new here but I have been in the detecting hobby for about a year now. I go once or twice a month and I have been fortunate enough to dig up a gold bar "2.5 oz", old coins, musket ram rod near a skirmish site, civil war bullets, wagon wheel and more. But out of all...
  15. Ring-a-ling...2 gold rings

    I am in the zone! 4 gold rings so far this week. Love this hobby.