meteorite ?

  1. Hi can anybody give me some info on this that I found please.

    Hi can anyone give me some info on this please
  2. Rock?, Meteorite?, Or crystal? & It's magnetic!

  3. Rare Glass Meteorite ?

    Bu taş nedir ? Karanlıkta parlayan bir üzerinde kurulum yapmış ama cam Göktaşı olabilir mi?
  4. Found what loooks like iron ore possibly???

    I found this rock today it is really magnetic has iron in it. Is it a possible meteorite?? Or just regular iron ore??:icon_scratch:
  5. can somebody help identify this?

    A friend found this rock, we are in doubt if it could be a meteorite .. Thank's a lot!
  6. Is this a meteorite or slag?

    Hello everyone, I am new here. Would you please let me know, what do you think about this specimen? Does it look like a meteorite or not? Thank you in advance. This is a chemical composition
  7. Possible Meteorite??? Or just iron ore??

    Hello. I found this interesting rock near the rail road tracks near my house and it is magnetic on the bottom and has bubbly like substance on the top. I was wondering, could be a possible meteor or just regular iron ore??:icon_scratch:
  8. ☄️Can this be a meteorite?☄️

    I found this on the street while it was încet construction. We here in Romania bring all the construction stones from the mountains, we don’t use slag for street construction. I looked at this rock and it seemed interesting and when I heald it it was very heavy for a stone that size. I took my...
  9. Is this iron ore or a possible meteorite??

  10. Please help me identify this rock, any advice will make my entire week, or month!

    Hello, I live in Phoenix, AZ, I recently helped my Dad tare down the rock wall that has been in our front yard since we first moved in, 13 years ago. It was a beautiful wall, but he decided to expand. Not only were there rocks on the exterior, but 100's were cemented on the inside as well...
  11. Meteorite?

    This heavy greyish silver stone is not magnetic but sounds like steel when two piece are struck together. Density is something like lead or a heavy metal.
  12. Meteorite

    Heavy red and black stone
  13. Peculiar stone

    I found this stone today near a small steam in the smoky hill river region of Kansas. It's extremely heavy and has a slight magnetic pull. It seemed very out of place amongst the seemingly stoneless stretches of farmland. Any ideas or answers to what this is or may be will be appreciated!
  14. Potential Meteorite?

    Grey, brown, and iron colored red bubbles and veins and crosshatching. It has lots of thumbprints and pores. It has what appears to be a drip or melting run of some metal ore. It is magnetic and relatively porous and hollow.
  15. Strange meteorite lookign rocks

    Hello! I`ve recently been on a island trip and found these rocks. If anybody knows about these rocks and about their composition then let me know. The rocks were found from Hiiumaa, Estonia. There is a meteorite crater there.
  16. Possible Meteorite??

    I was searching alongside the railroad tracks near my house and brought a small strong magnet with me. I tested the rock when it was together and it stuck. The rock was heavy. I also can see small flakes inside with a flashlight though not sure if they are metallic or quartz.
  17. Regmaglypts on possible meteorite?

    Possible meteorite? Any experts? I know it's unlikely but those pits resemble those on other stony meteorites. about 9 inches long; 4-5 inches wide. Weak attraction to magnet Pits on all but one side. No vesicles Lighter Interior but very plain- no chondrules or metal flecks Rust spots Tiny...
  18. meteorite?

    i found this one while working in the field. I discovered a short time later, it has purple and red colors that cover half of the surface of the rock and a magnet will stick to it! What is it?