military buttons

  1. ✅ SOLVED Old Naval Button?

    Hello Everyone, Trying to ID this button found by a friend. Front is brass, back seems to be iron. This looks to have 3 parts to this button. Back, outer ring and inner ring. I'll try and get the measurements. Thanks
  2. Dug 14 WW2 era US Army buttons in one spot

    I was too tired to post this last night so here it is now. I was out hunting a spot yesterday that despite having been written about as having a military path, I've had my doubts. Even with being doubtful and digging several lbs of junk, I keep returning because that's what we do, right? When...
  3. Old military button

    I want to find out the background and value of this military button, if possible here. I excavated this in 2003 within a historic island park know as Sterling State Park in Monroe, Michigan. A final major battle occurred here in January, 1813 know as the "Bloody battle of the Raisen River"...
  4. Old brass button help....military? French?

    So, I have been researching these buttons on and off for months now. I gave up a little while back but recently I stumbled upon something that made me go back to doing research. The buttons are brass shanks. The front has an artillery image, a crown and fleur de lis. I want to say they are...
  5. Old metal buttons

    I've never been into button collecting, other than the ones I find. However I've seen enough of them while trying to help others ID their finds that I couldn't help myself when I spotted an old Atlas mason jar a little over half full of buttons many of which looked like old military buttons...
  6. Is this a Revolutionary war button?

    I found this button while digging around in my parent's back yard. Is it Revolutionary war? Back is solid, looks to be brass. Is it British Navy? Any help would be appreciated. I've been looking for hours!!
  7. Military Buttons in Spokane

    Been cleaning up my stuff from this year and need help with any identification of these Military Buttons. They were all found in Spokane at Manito Park (Est 1907) Any help would be greatly appreciated. The top 2 Left one is rusted can't read and right one is missing back. Any ideas on dates?
  8. ✅ SOLVED Scovill Mfg Co Waterbury Button

    I found this button that I would like to know more about. It measures about 1.5 cm. On the back is stamped "Scovill Mfg Co Waterbury". Any info is appreciated. Thanks! -O