1. Lot of JFK'S

    I have a bunch of half dollars. What should I be looking for? Years 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1991, 1992, 1974, 1995, 1999 Please and thank you 😊
  2. 1991 D Lincoln Cent

    Hey beautiful people what would you value this coin at?
  3. 1971 D Kennedy Half

    What would you beautiful people value this coin at?
  4. 1976 d bicentennial quarter business strike

    Hello all! What would you wonderful people rate this coin at? Id say look at all the MS68s before you give your answer. And im also wondering why they arent grading them any higher than that?
  5. Back Yard Bank 1931

    Money unaccounted for, Perhaps didn't look in the correct spot.:treasurechest::metaldetector: Marticus

    Cant add photos for some reason, re-posted in "What's It Worth?" with photos! Green petrified wood I inherited from my grandparents' collection. They lived in Alaska, Arizona and W. Washington. No one in the family knows exactly where this was found, but I am leaning towards somewhere in...
  7. We found 2 abandoned bags full of BRAND NEW stuff!

    We found 2 abandoned bags full of BRAND NEW stuff! Check it out!
  8. Found GREEN today in an old book.... Old Silver Certificate Bills and ... Marijuana

    Interesting morning today.... I was thumbing through a bunch of recycled old books and found $5 in old money and a dried and pressed marijuana. Nice start to my morning. 1934 and 1935g and a $2 bill :hello2:
  9. 1968 Lincoln penny ..letters touching rim

    Don’t know if this is common or not it caught my attention so thought I’d post it to see what people think 🤓
  10. What type of key is this. Thank you

    Large skeleton key or is it decoration piece
  11. 3 Quarters - 1952 + 1962 + 1963 in a Paperweight

    I'm giggling because I bought this paperweight for 10 cents. Funny thing is that it has 3 shiny new quarters in it. 1952 + 1962 + 1963. It made money sense to me. Paperweight says: " MCA, Mechanical Contractors Association, Three Quarters of a Century of Progress, Chicago, Ill May, 1964"...
  12. $2 bill sheet

    bought this in a garage sale for $50.
  13. 1853 Temperance token

    I purchased this for a dollar and I was wondering the value and any info on it I had a hard time finding info on the English Temperance tokens.
  14. I just spent 25-cents to get $$$. Here's how I did it (again)

    Once again, I turned a quarter into $$$ by finding a coin plaque. I found this California redwood plaque at recycling place. It's cracked down the middle but all the cash is there. The cashier charged me a quarter which made sense to me. Not sure, but it looks like approx $6 to me.

    Hi, i found a kind of key i guest or something like that, on one side says TWIGG on the other one says ENGLAND. Here the photos.
  16. Strange Newfoundland Token & a Newfoundland one cent "largie"

    Went to a old house site today and dug up a few stuf :thumbsup:f... Here are the two best finds of today. :happysmiley: Still a bit dirty, but this is the Newfoundland token. :headbang: It has "George VI" on it. It's my first token by the way, and I have no idea what it truly is. ??? I...
  17. 1929 Newfoundland "Largie"

    Just dug up this Newfoundland one cent "Largie". It's my first Newfoundland coin from the 1920's and it is the most recent date in my collection. Can't believe the detail. Monarch side still needs cleaning.:hello2:
  18. My oldest Newfoundland coin.

    A 1865 Newfoundland one cent(largie type) I found. The third oldest in my collection since my metal detecting career began. 8-) Monarch side is still too dirty to see.:sadsmiley:
  19. A Newfoundland "smallie"

    I don't know what is more common: the small cent or the large cent. I found this 1940 Newfoundland small cent. It is the same size as a US/CAN penny. Usually, they come out of the ground in a rough condition; but this one is in the best condition yet!
  20. In need of some dowsing help please

    Supposedly there is supposed to be a large quantity of buried paper currency in some kind of container or box buried in one or more spot's on this map. I had checked 3 different spot's on the map (with my L rod's in the field) but so far have came up empty handed and was possibly hoping for some...