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  1. Found at a new permission 1/2 pice?

    The site isn’t that old but has potential. Lots off new iron and bullets. Found this coin that I can’t identify. Thinking it is an East India? Got me moving but no more finds in the area….yet
  2. Middle East coin back side.jpg

    Middle East coin back side.jpg

    Found on a public beach in Kuwait
  3. ✅ SOLVED Mystery Coin

    Hello, I found this coin in Western Europe. It is around 32mm (1.26in) in diameter and is made of bronze or copper. I have looked through coins from all over the European continent and can't seem to find a match. It probably dates to the mid-late 1800s if I had to guess based on other finds in...
  4. Soccer Field SHOCKER!!!

    Wow wasn't expecting to pull this out!!! Wasn't that deep, about 5 inches or so. Date is 1929, so that's 91 years old!!! This is my third oldest coin found!!! Now that big of a deal for you veterans but super exciting for me. I'll be going back for sure!!! Maybe on my days off when I get my...

    MASSIVE SILVER brooch, Amazing Relics and MORE!!! So it's been a long, long while since I've posted anything!!! So in stead of making a post about each treasure find I'm mashing them all together. Sorry pics aren't going to be as nice this time. At the 1800's place I found a glass button and...
  6. GUN found and ERROR COIN!!!

    Found part of an old toy gun from the '50's and this clipped 1970 penny all in one hunt! What are the chances of finding a clipped coin metal detecting I wonder? I've found over 500 pennies and this is the only error (that I know of) I've found so far.
  7. FOUND: 115 year old coin!!!

    Im so excited!!! Our old friends own a beutiful, 1896 Victorian house that I've always wanted to detect. Saturday night I was given permission to hunt their yard and I was beside myself with exciment!!! Well! I hunted for about 15 minutes and then I found a really nice soild high tone. I popped...
  8. (1948) 1 Swedish Krona - Possibly a Silver?

    (1948) 1 Swedish Krona - I think this is Silver coin?? A friend of mine found this old coin somewhere in the philippines and gave it to me. Looks like silver.
  9. 1960's Thai Baht Coin?? (Not yet sure)

  10. I Found A Bank Note From The 1850's!

  11. I'm oFISHally HOOKED!!!

    This is my first official coin roll hunt. I looked through my mom's and sisters change and found 5 old coins and one clipped one... 5 were silver. That was quite awhile ago. Today I got ten rolls of dimes and five of the rolls were really old rolls. On my third roll, out popped this nice 1967...
  12. Coin or token identification?

    I was looking through my old coin collection and came across this coin, or token. It looks to be Masonic. Very warm and completely blank and smooth on the back side. I googled “masonic coin” and couldn’t find anything that looks like this. So , anyone have any ideas?

    Found this 1892 V Nickel at a local park thats been hammered over the years guess it was my lucky day :)
  14. ✅ SOLVED Old Japanese Coin?

    Found a coin today. It has asian writing on it for sure but I'm not sure what it is. Looks like a Japanese Yen maybe but I cannot i.d. it. Need some help. Thanks y'all
  15. IIX Coin/Not sure what the coin says

    My husband found this coin but we are not sure if they mean anything or are worth anything... Any ideas??
  16. ✅ SOLVED old coin need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is an old coin i found in some of my grandmothers things and need help identifying what it is. I believe that this coin is Russian because of some of the letters are written backwards which is characteristic of the Russian the Cyrillic alphabet. From what I can tell the date is 1?88 the...
  17. Finding a hunting spot

    I live in Nashville Tennessee and enjoy old coin hunting and modern to old jewelry detecting.I have a few problems I have been detecting for a little over a year and am having problems locating places to hunt. The second problem is that I am only 13 years old and nobody trusts me to detect their...