Need help finding out exactly what this is!!!! Any photo of same or similar would help!!! Or a link to a sit that can help would be great!!!!! Thanks
  2. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! What is this, BLUE QUARTZ?

    Please help is you can!!!! I know the white vein is quartz, but is the blue quartz as well? I am new... Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What is this????

    Hi, I am driving myself crazy trim to find out what this is. Its seems to be blue quartz, with a crystal white quartz vein but I have no idea and would love some help and like to hear your input. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  4. Possible pottery anvil?

    Posted this under "what's it worth" also... interesting piece that I was told was a "discoidal" used in gaming... but I found another post calling it a pottery anvil. It is about 3 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches thick- found in Illinois. I am looking forward to the responses, as all the posts...
  5. Rare Discoidal

    I've been told this is an extremely rare piece. The Discoidal is fully grooved, about 3 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches thick. It is beautiful, in great condition, and found near Quincy, Il. Looking to get an approximate value.
  6. Penny Misstrike?

    Not too long ago I was digging through my change and found what appears to be a misstricken penny. Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts and if it was worth being looked at. I believe its 1990. There is a gouge over the other 9 (or 7, which makes it copper). Leave a thought down below if you...
  7. A 1970 luckily found in my small change!

    I was eating at burgerking with my friend and I decided to buy a apple pie. Well, I looked at the dates of the coins I got and luckily enough I saw the letter 'S' under the 1970!!!! What a rare find it was for me all I got in the past was from Denver!!! :)
  8. Know anybody holding a super rare coin(s) or a large hoard?

    I know a guy who has around 500 raw Trade Dollars. I know for a fact there are a pair of the 1878-cc in there (Not a 1878-cc Morgan. This is an 1878-cc Trade Dollar which are extremely rare) that are around AU as I have examined both. He is an older guy and extremely savy. He used to go to...
  9. 15 $5 stamps on a envelope

    Some time ago I found a bunch of old stamps in a house I was cleaning and being a stamp collector for many years I knew I found some real good one.My question I hope somebody can answer is what is the most $5 scott # 834 on a letter???The one I found has 15 $5 scott # 834,one 50 cent scott #831...
  10. My best coin EVER, but i need YOUR help!

    Hello treasure hunters! I recently dug my best coin ever. My question for you is, what would you do with it? Would you send it for grading? What would you expect back? What would you be happy getting if you sold it? Ive read a lot of post on here about sending in dug coins, not to do it...
  11. Troop "A" 4th Cavalry, Military Token? Found in California

    Found this token at my favorite spot today, here in Southern California. There is not much at all if any info online on this exact token. Only 1-2 pics online. front: Troop A 4th Cavalry, back: The brunswick Balke Collender CO (Picture of a billiards table) I would like to know the history...
  12. Some Old British Button?

    I found this button, there does not seem to be any pictures of it anywhere, but if someone could help me identify it and tell me if its worth anything that would be great.
  13. Meteorite Identification ! (Please Help)

    Hello, I remember finding these meteorites about 3-5 years ago and only found them just now ! I both found these through my local park at seperate times and decided they looked strange so I took them to investigate further. It would be much appreciated if someone could please identify if these...
  14. Atwoods Bitter bottle without "Formerly made"

    Atwood's Bitter bottle without "Formerly made" I found these three Atwood's Bitters bottles that do not say, "Formerly made" on them, unlike most that say, "Formerly Made By". Any ideas on them would be great. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=901584&d=1384819222...
  15. Rare wheat penny error. Year 195. need help

    I'm not really sure what type of error this is. There seems to be a shelf on the one 5 that's there. I would say greased die but I see absolutely no trace of the other number, and all the other strikes are real strong. Any ideas??? I'm going to put this up on ebay, I'm thinking of starting...
  16. Mineral collection + Large piece of petrified wood

    Found this collection at a garage sale a couple years ago for only $15. The fist pic is a collective view of all but the large piece of petriefied wood as shown in the last 2 images. It has crystal growing throughout, and is about 3/4 a foot tall, and 1/2 a foot wide.
  17. de Plane! de Plane!.. My most rewarding find so far

    I went to a favorite former dump site in a wooded area where I can generally pull out at least one interesting item per hunt.. About 30 minutes in to getting eaten alive by mosquitoes I found a little spot with several targets .. After pulling out a lawn-mower blade, mason jar lids and about 15...
  18. Trade Proposition

    I have collected fossils for over a decade now and am willing to part with some, if I can get a good offer. I offering some of my cretaceous shark teeth, belemnites, oysters, as well as dinosaur bone fragments in exchange for some of the following: a decent megatooth (Angustiden, Chub, Meg...
  19. Super Rare 1803 Cent?

    Okay... I'm trying to stay calm here. But I think I found a SUUUUUPER rare 1803 large cent. Now, there were over 3M of these made, but the super rare part is if the 1803 on the front is LARGE and the 1/100 on the back is small. I think that's what I found. If you look at pix, the 1 and 3...
  20. China Red Revenue 3cent op 1cent (scott#78)

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