1. Rare German Baden Land Post 12 cent Stamp (Mint)

    deleted Did not know how to delete a post. So i just edited it and removed my images. I will continue listing as a full member. Thanks all....
  2. Antique Turkish Cooper Tea pot..real or fake?

    I found this old tea pot made of copper ..been told its turkish design I was wondering if anyone knows if its authentic or if i have a possible imitation on my hands...? Also any information at all would be nice... (i'm going to post more stuff soon too) Thanks I have attacthed a copy of a...
  3. Salvador Dali art piece identification help

    Dali ID
  4. Marx original toy

    I have an original, pre-WWII Marx mechanical toy, made in a Japanese factory before the war. "Pete the Parrot". Tin base, parts mostly metal and fabric, with plastic on the talons. It's in good shape, tho clearly old ( colors faded on fabrics). It takes batteries to run, though I don't...
  5. Help with strange Spanish COB

    Hello, I'm new here, I need some help with this Peruvian/ Spanish COB that I bought last year in Cuzco, Peru. The coin pass the silver test. It weights 8.83 grams and one of the sides of the triangle measures 1 inch, thanks in advance, Alex