shotgun shell

  1. Found this today..anyone know how old/if it’s worth anything?

  2. Found Another Token At The Old Farm Site

    I went back to the farm site in the woods where I found the token last week. I found another token about 30 feet away from where I found the other one. This One is a Bull Durham tobacco token. I also found a very old looking brass button which I don't know anything of the age. The UMC Co...
  3. My oldest shotgun shell so far - How old is it?

    I found this shell while detecting in the woods. Can anyone guess a rough age? There doesn't appear to be anything written on this one.
  4. What is it ?

    Hey guys I bought a box full of ammo. I can date most because its mostly casings. But I have never seen these before. They are very crudely made. There a really weird shape too. Thanks, Landon
  5. Cleaning Inside Shotgun Shells

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. I dug up this Winchester shell a couple weeks ago and would like to clean out that stuff on the inside. It looks/feels like a cross between paper and some kind of fabric or cotton material. Is there a way to do this? Picking it out isn't very effective, it's really stuck...
  6. First Time Diggers! Need help with identifying artifacts!!!

    One of the pictures is a shell from a Winchester Shotgun 12 Gauge repeater possibly from early 1900s. Found about 4 inches down near a creek. The other picture is a thick leather belt or strap with a metal hook and buttons. No lettering or marking noted on the leather or buttons. Unsure what...
  7. First finds of 2013!

    Hello, this is my first post as i am new to Treasurenet.:hello: Nothing to spectacular, but not bad considering where i was. 2 penneys (68' and 75') - 1 Dime (76') - Sardines! - Beer - Not to sure what the other thing is.... quite heavy for the size. Spent shotgun shell Union Metallic...