First Time Diggers! Need help with identifying artifacts!!!


Apr 22, 2013
Mercer County, NJ
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting

One of the pictures is a shell from a Winchester Shotgun 12 Gauge repeater possibly from early 1900s.
Found about 4 inches down near a creek.

The other picture is a thick leather belt or strap with a metal hook and buttons. No lettering or marking noted on the leather or buttons. Unsure what this object is ( thought are an old horse harness).
This object was found about 8 inches in the ground, lying directly under an old tree root. The tree is most likely hundreds of years old.

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Welcome to TN NJdiggergirls, I think that your finds are latches that may have secured luggage, possible from a stagecoach or a Model A ford.
There has been alot of good finds come from NJ, I expect you will be posting some super finds, just keep at it.

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