tobacco pipe

  1. Native American Peace Pipe (Eastern Woodlands) or not?

    For your consideration. Another Native American Relic of questionable origin. I purchased this about the time I acquired the now infamous steatite Rattlesnake Gorget. In my defense, I haven't fallen victim to any additional impulse buys to If this wasn't made by a Native American...
  2. Copper Smoking Pipe

    I recently found a copper smoking pipe in a small stream in Massachusetts. It was very puzzling to me because I had never seen or heard of a copper smoking pipe. After doing some research I found that Native Americans actually used copper smoking pipes and if you were to find one it was likely...
  3. Civil War era Tobacco Pipe?

    Found this about 6" down not far from Balls Bluff area on private property. Not sure but it looks like some kind of tobacco pipe, but possibly made of some kind of lead or metal? Not sure. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. -G