tool of some kind???

  1. Tool found in Gloucestershire. Any ideas?

    Can anybody shed any light on this? Was dug up on some farmland in Gloucestershire. I’ve done a bit of research and from the markings I have an idea on the dates. Does anybody have any knowledge of this type of thing and if it would be worth/of interest to somebody? Many thanks
  2. Help identifying

    I found this in one of my fields this past spring, almost hit it with the mower! Not sure what it is, I am guessing some kind of Native American artifact. The bigger hole on the top next to the quarter is about 3/4” deep, about 1 1/4” diameter. It has 3 smaller holes each about 1/2” diameter...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Some sort of metal thing

    New to the forum, hoping one yall can tell us what it is, made of Iron, the bottom says 2ph on it. Got it at an estate sale
  4. Plant vs bone vs crystal, is it just a pretty shape, and the tool that haunts me.

    Hi guys, I have a few of my head scratchers rounded up for anyone who wants to take a stab at them, and possibly laugh at me. Here goes! Location for all is a canyon in Orange County (Southern California). Loads of jasper, hematite, mica schist and quartz varieties, depending on how far up the...
  5. Interesting looking rock

    Went on a walk around my private woods and found this interesting rock (interesting to me at least). I was wondering if any of you had an opinion on it being used as a fire starter of sorts or if it’s just a dumb rock. Thank you all for any suggestions!
  6. River find?

    I’m an avid field hunter for arrowheads but today I found something in the river that has me puzzling. I believe it’s made from coal which is a fairly common site along the bank I was fishing in. I can tell it’s been damaged or worn down over time. The hole is to perfect to be natural in my...
  7. Peculiar stone

    I found this stone today near a small steam in the smoky hill river region of Kansas. It's extremely heavy and has a slight magnetic pull. It seemed very out of place amongst the seemingly stoneless stretches of farmland. Any ideas or answers to what this is or may be will be appreciated!
  8. ✅ SOLVED Tool thingy???

    SOLVED!!!Anyone know what this is? I think it's brass or copper. Fold in itself like a pocket knife but it is not