1. Nice 1889 Indian surprise!

    Nice 1889 Indian surprise!

    Found in central Florida at an abandoned ghost town.
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  3. Please help me on my questions for bottles.

    Hello, my name is Tommy, and I would like to know about more ways to find bottles. Since I dabbled in the hobby this year, I do not have much experience yet. I mostly metal detect, and that is how I found bottles, in two locations. At a 1980s house, which had a large shed likely dating back to...
  4. strange animal

    Hello Everyone Has anyone ever seen a sign like this? sculpture of a dinosaur? Maybe? It is easy to identify most of the animals, such as the owl, the lion, the hedgehog, the frog and others, but this one looks like a dinosaur. It has a thick tail at the beginning, thin at the end, and its head...
  5. Are your a treasure hunting couple?

    Are you a treasure hunting couple? Hi everyone, I'm developing an unscripted, travel-based series about treasure hunting, and am specifically looking for a couple in their 30s or 40s who are into treasure hunting and go on trips around the country/world looking for treasure. If you fit this...
  6. Seeking a Gold Sniffing Dog

    Hello My name is Jennifer, I am an Associate Producer for Travel Channel’s original series, EXPEDITION UNKNOWN. Our team is filming a story on Fenn’s Treasure this June. We are currently looking for someone who has a gold sniffing dog located in the Taos New Mexico area. If you know of anyone...
  7. A valuable secret, treasure or not?

    My father brought home two swords this year ... according to his story - he brought it from a very rich man's mansion who stated that the swords were very valuable and had history so the question i am asking is : is this true or these swords are simply replicas, fakes and have no value ...