A valuable secret, treasure or not?


Jan 20, 2015
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My father brought home two swords this year ... according to his story - he brought it from a very rich man's mansion who stated that the swords were very valuable and had history so the question i am asking is : is this true or these swords are simply replicas, fakes and have no value ..?

Thank you in advance for anyone who replies ... also if someone is interested feel free to contact me! ( 2 swords) FullSizeRender12.jpgIMG_1713.JPGIMG_1714.JPGFullSizeRender.jpg

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No authority here but they look like tourism/replica swords to me. Would need closer photos.

The first one is a decorative sword, made to be hung on a wall, could very well be a Toledo. The second one I'd like to see a good pic of the grip and any markings on the blade if you can?

I'm not an expert but an enthusiast and agree with your diagnosis good sir. The second one is promising but the value is in the details.

1st one is neither special nor particularly old, but I agree with ken that the 2nd sword is worth further scrutiny.

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