treasure hunt

  1. References about Gold & Hidden Treasures

    Feel free to download assorted references about hidden treasures.
  2. Treasure Hunting Magazine for FREE!!!

    Found 2 issues of Treasure Hunting magazine on the internet and I'm sharing this for FREE. Downloadable PDFs for December 2021 and January 2022.
  3. Need help finding Gold ring in field

    Hi everyone! Are there any treasure hunters that want to make a little money off their find? I lost a gold ring in a park while my wife and I were taking pictures. It wasn’t my wedding ring, per se, but still a very special ring that my wife gave me after our wedding. Lots of sentimental value...
  4. Uncovering Family Artifacts ( Sifting History )

    I return to the Family Homesite this time to Sift through the dirt looking for Family artifacts. Filmed in the Fall of 2019 we uncover a Chauffeur's pin that belonged to my Great Aunt Kathryn's husband William Ernest Thrower. The pin dates back to 1935-36 # 51927 from California. a little bit...
  5. Anyone here who did successful TH in East Africa?

    Hi All, Is anyone in this forum who has done a successful treasure hunt in East Africa particularly in Tanzania? Please PM me. Need some advice.
  6. Looking for apprenticeship

    Hello everyone, I’m here looking for someone with the knowledge and experience of finding lost treasure and lost mines, as well as the knowledge on how to do the right research to find these items. Preferably someone who’s a bit older and wants to pass down the knowledge they’ve gathered...
  7. In Search of the Forrest Fenn Treasure

    Check out my latest video on our search for the Treasure of Forrest Fenn... Enjoy! ~DK
  8. Producing Treasure Hunting Series - need candidates and advice.

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  9. We want to organise a treasure hunt

    Hello Treasure Hunters, together with a friend I started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to organise a real treasure hunt along the atlantic coastline of Europe. We want to hide an actual treasure (silver or gold coins) in an ancient chest we already bought. My question is if real...
  10. looking for people to treasure hunt with

    I live in Maine right in Newport actually I am looking for fellow enthusiasts to help me hunt and dig I have a coin master pro and try to go daily new sites are welcome as well love to travel just not to to far please if you know were Newport is hmu time and dates well make arrangements
  11. I NEED Leavenworth KS Treasure Hunter for a FREE SILVER GIVEAWAY

    I NEED Leavenworth KS Treasure Hunter for a FREE SILVER GIVEAWAY! There is a free silver giveaway that I became apart of recently where I had to find the coordinates to a location where 5 oz of silver was buried. I have figured out the clues and it is Leavenworth KS. I am willing to split the...
  12. hello all. looking for other hunters in tulsa county

    my wife and i have decided to take up treasure hunting, and are going to go after the belle starr cache supposedly by elk mountain. i would love to chat with other hunters, especially if they have tried making the trek
  13. Android App.

    I just downloaded an App called: Pauls Puzzle to my Android phone. It is a dollar stuck inside of a can and buried somewhere in the US. It has 32 images, a map, Treasure Rules, and pictures of the 3 bikes you can win. Value $18,000.00 or you can sell them and buy a car or a Harley! It even has...
  14. Riddles of Sphinx

    “Not all treasure‘s silver and gold, mate.” - Captain Jack Sparrow Welcome to Riddles of the Sphinx, the online treasure hunt of Kurukshetra.Contained within this hunt, are a series of levels, along with clues, both visual and verbal provided to guide you and get you to the next level. The key...
  15. Treasure of Camelot - the search for King Arthurs lost crown.

    Treasure of Camelot - the search for King Arthur's lost crown. The Treasure of Camelot is an online treasure hunt competition to find King Arthur's lost crown, which draws its inspiration from the ever popular legend of King Arthur and the wizard Merlin. The story begins after the death of...
  16. 10k gold & diamond dinner ring...and help!

    I have had a great couple of days! 2 gold rings. One small 10k w/2 very small diamonds and the big mama. It says 10k. It has over 15 small round diamonds (tester says they are real). Comes up on detector as gold/nickel. Will not attract magnet. it's weird everywhere but...