1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Quartz-like rock with embedded mineral?

    Hi Everyone, Found this rock today central NC in a creekbed. I don’t actually think it’s quartz because it looks to be softer and almost iridescent - lots of angular grain - tried to capture in the one photo where I used the flash. The gray lines that are sticking out are very hard/sharp...

    Need help finding out exactly what this is!!!! Any photo of same or similar would help!!! Or a link to a sit that can help would be great!!!!! Thanks
  3. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! What is this, BLUE QUARTZ?

    Please help is you can!!!! I know the white vein is quartz, but is the blue quartz as well? I am new... Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What is this????

    Hi, I am driving myself crazy trim to find out what this is. Its seems to be blue quartz, with a crystal white quartz vein but I have no idea and would love some help and like to hear your input. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  5. Milky-Green Quartz-like rock

    The first is with flash on and is a decent rep but the transparency is milky closer to the top and bottom and is clear in the middle. Is this an algae or natural colorization? It doesn't appear vivid enough to be emerald and darker than most peridot I have seen. It is brittle, this piece just...
  6. crush for gold or keep for show

    Not sure if I should crush this up for gold or keep it as a desk piece. A lot of different colored quartz crystals and a lot of what I'm assuming is iron powder on the inside. Pics are of the rock split in a third, pretty decent size and weight. Found it under a trees roots along a dry creek...
  7. Aqua Regia Yield.. Finally

    I finally got it down.. (damned nitric acid!) anyhoo this is from 100 ML of fine ground pre-etched (nitric to remove copper tin etc), gold cubed, and panned ore. (the "Floating gold" we just jar) I have found a lot of ""nuggets"" but they all end up having a lot of ore attached to it.. to get...
  8. Gold in Ribbon Quartz find - but what are the other metals?

    Heya everyone; We were back in our spot today doing some more underwater sniping when I found a large quartz vein that had been broken up a bit. It looks like it is Ribbon Quartz because of all the pockets and being able to be broken easily. I can see the gold but I think there might be silver...