1. Russian PPSh 41 bolt and buckles. Insane seasons begining! :)

    Soviet PPSh 41 bolt and buckles. Insane seasons begining! :) We had our first metal detecting in this year and it was amazing! :) Ground is still frozen, but We were lucky!
  2. German POW camp tour and FINDS (Part II)

    Hi again :) And we have here the second part of my german wartime POW prisoners camp TOUR and finds video. Enjoy ;)
  3. German POW camp tour and FINDS (Part I)

    Hi :) We made for you a -two short part- video where Im showing all the buildings and other interesting things in the german naci-era wartime POW prisoners camp + all I could find there :) I spent there a whole day. Its huge :) At first it was just about to test our GoPro 5, but I decited...
  4. At last we found something :) Hunting in snow...

    At last we found something in our old WW2 battlefield location, but we were frozen :) Enjoy ;) Video on YouTube:
  5. Franco-Prussian War Medals?

    I recently bought a pair of German medals that I honestly know very little about. The price was good and they looked authentic to me so I decided to take a chance on them. I did a little research and found out that the medal with the ribbon is a German or Prussian long service medal for 25...
  6. Hitler youth belt buckle and a huge dagger

    Hi friends. Our first hunt in this year and our first video from that. Nils found a lovely rare belt buckle, russian dagger and more! We were freezing all the time. Dont miss this part :) (photo soon)
  7. WW2 Nazi DAF Book?

    I recently stumbled across this interesting WW2 Nazi book. I believe it's DAF (German Labour Front) as it has the appropriate logo on the front of the book and includes stamps inside the book along with details about the laborer I'm supposing. I don't know much at all about this book and any...
  8. Finnish Winter War Medal? Is it Real?

    I recently purchased a Finnish Winter War medal off of the internet and was wondering if it is indeed authentic or just a replica. I'm a novice when it comes to collecting medals but it was a very cheap find so I decided to take a shot in the dark on it. All I know is that the medal is from...
  9. ✅ SOLVED WW1 Iron Cross Real or Fake?

    I recently bought a WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class off of eBay. I have an authentic WW2 Iron Cross 2nd class so figured a cross from the first world war would go well with it. However, when I received the medal I noticed that it appeared thinner than my Iron Cross from WW2. I tested the core, which is...
  10. ww2 metal detecting in Europe

    Hi all diggers Anyone who ever went to Europe, or plan to, to dig for ww1/ww2 relics on the battlefields? Best regards Mi Das
  11. Metal Detecting WW2 Relics Germany

    I recently had an opportunity to do some metal detecting in east Germany along the border to Poland. Garrett Ace 150
  12. Just received family heirloom bayonet!

    Had to share! Story goes that my wife's great great uncle received this from his father when he was a child, sometime in the 30's I guess. Identified it using this awesome site (Bayonets of Japan) and I believe it's a Japanese Type 30, early WWII. Then again, though that one has the correct...
  13. A part of a WW2 Aerial Machine Gunnery Trainer

    I recently purchased this airspeed/altitude indicator at an auction because I thought it looked interesting. It is made out of plywood and looks to be a mock up. There is a metal tag on it that says: Machine Gun Trainer Mark 2, The Vitarama Corp. Long Island City, NY. 1942. After some internet...
  14. WW2 Eastern Front German Relics

    Hello dear community, it has been some time since I posted something and because in this period I have some free time and I can go back on the hills I want to share with you some of my WW2 relics found via Metal Detecting in Europe. And if you have the time and pleasure you can also watch the...
  15. ?1943 Japanese Imperial Navy Aviation Graduation Fob/Badge WWII?

    Happy Thanksgiving from Quantico, Virginia. I am new to this site and only been out with my brother while he detects in the past. My brother has been metal detecting for many, many years, upgraded his detector, and gave me his older White Spectrum. He is visiting for Thanksgiving and we took...
  16. Ww2 helmet

    Hi, I have had this helmet for some time now and don't really know for sure what it's origin is. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. I am new and am having issues uploading pictures on here but if i[ATTACH=CONFIG]1226320
  17. Newfoundland Double Whammy. "Largie" & "Smallie"

    Was out on a field/meadow today. Dug up a 1872 Newfoundland "largie" in one spot then dug a 1943 Newfoundland "smallie" in another. Today was a good day. :headbang::headbang::headbang:
  18. WW2? Specialist collar brass?

    Maybe a WW2 collar brass?? Found it in my backyard yesterday, which used to be part of a larger farm. Any insight would be appreciated.
  19. 1945 WW2 FUNNY Typewritten Poem / Letter to Sailor Boyfriend

    I found this old letter / poem typed with handwritten notations. It was in an old wood frame. After researching a little, I saw similar poem online but this one is definitely dated 1945 with "WW2" on backside. Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy!!
  20. Spring is on the way!

    First dig on the old base for this year, the frost was out of the ground for the most part, Im learning my new AT Pro as well so I stuck to areas that I knew what I was getting into, Did pretty good too 2 enameled plates, a nice mix of .303, 7.62 and 5.56, a modern parachute flare bit, a...