1. Rare WW2 Artillery Shell Casing

    This is a WW2 all brass, 3" Mark ii M2 artillery shell casing dated 1944. I can't find another anywhere on the web that matches. I paid $20 for it with intentions to sell but unless it is worth quit a bit i believe i'll hang on to it. Opinions on value?
  2. 1944 3” Mark ii M2 (army) artillery shell casing

    I bought this brass casing that had been sold at a scrap yard. Any help on the value would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Victory Stamps

    Found these in a shoebox when I was cleaning out an old apartment in a retirement complex yesterday. 2 of the ration books have a full set of stamps. WW2 Ration stamps Old checks
  4. One of my BEST days. 5 silver day!

    This was a hunt 1 month ago. 2 bucket list day for me. Same spot where I got the buttons on my previous post. This has just been an amazing spot. I am quite proud as I have taught myself to dig in heavy iron with my Equinox 800. I went to a silversmith to see if I can get the wings unfolded. She...
  5. Found some nice WW2 buttons and a couple of tax tokens.

  6. Live ammo

    I was teaching my four year old daughter how to metal detect. She had a beep and sure enough we dug up about 29 live rounds from ww2...I’m guessing. Some have red tips. Is it legal to even sell these?
  7. Possible WW2 Medal

    I found this item in a park in Australia that used to be a training camp for WW2 soldiers. I have found a lot of stuff relating to WW2 in the area from bullets to buttons to badges. It may not be military but given where I found it I figure it could be. Its made of lead with what I think is...
  8. Dug 14 WW2 era US Army buttons in one spot

    I was too tired to post this last night so here it is now. I was out hunting a spot yesterday that despite having been written about as having a military path, I've had my doubts. Even with being doubtful and digging several lbs of junk, I keep returning because that's what we do, right? When...
  9. WW2 USA Navy Silver Dogtag Need help to give back

    Hello, In Morotai Island, Indonesia, on a camp of the American-Australian army during WW2, I have found with a metal detector a dogtag made of Silver, custom made probably, belonging to a soldier from the USA. Can someone help to find the veteran and give it back? name: G. G. Carter Numbers...
  10. This WW2 German Dagger

    Also unsure of authenticity.
  11. Metal detecting in my attic, tips?

    I feel like this isn't a common place one would want to detect, but I have good reason! My home was only built in 2002, so it's not old. It has had several owners in its short life and obviously some good stuff stored in the attic. Our first winter here we had a few mice scratching, so I went up...
  12. WW2 Ammo

    Some ammo from WW2, .50 cal shells. 2 from st louis stamped in 43 and 1 stamped CL also from 43. 5.56 round same origin and year. Lucky enough to find the slug from one of the .50's a incendiary round. And to top it off a strip clip
  13. Newbie looking for Advice!

    Hello, let me introduce myself! My name ist Max, iam 18 years old and living in germany. I have been intrested in history for a long period of time now, with a focus on WW2. Just the thought of the time back then intrigues me. Ive been especially intrested in the military stuff and so on. Here...
  14. Is this ww2 German Valve or Crane Steel valve?

    I just bought this and the guy said it was a rare 3rd Reich German bronze gas valve from Auschwitz. 100% authentic and told me the the A on the back meant it was from Auschwitz. It wasn't until after I Purchased it that I then did my research and found many forums saying these are an old Crane...
  15. German Helmet WW1 Pickelhaube

    Hi friends ! Great find today
  16. Can Someone help me with this?

    Does anybody know what this is? Inscriptions on the back are: 6605 csd 43 may 43
  17. Authentic Prussian Long Service Medal?

    I bought this Prussian Long Service Medal a few months ago and just wanted to get a general consensus on if it's original or not. I don't know why my pictures are flipped, but if better quality pictures are needed please let me know! Also, if someone knows of a good web page, book, etc. that has...
  18. Original German M34 Helmet?

    I picked up this German M34 Police Helmet at an antique shop a few months ago. The decals look old and are stuck to the helmet very well, the leather is dry and worn, the inside of the helmet appears to be stamped "Edelstahl", and the helmet appears old as well, but I just wanted to see if...
  19. Soviet Overcoat?

    I'm a little stumped on exactly what type of overcoat this is. I just picked it up from an antique flea market. Obviously it's Soviet, but does anyone know from what era? Was it for officers or high ranking military personnel? If someone could help shed some light on this it'd be much appreciated!
  20. Forest treasure found! Wehrmacht Helmet! Shot in the head!

    Treasure hunting in WW2 zone with great finds like a German M40 helmet with a bullet or shrapnel hole! Nils found it :)