1. Best yard of 2013.

    Not the most silver from one yard but finding 2 halves put it at no.1 for me.
  2. Most silver from one yard: no.2 yard on the best for 2013 list

    Also the most wheats ever found in one yard an even 40!
  3. 5 silver halves for 2013

    My first and most silver halves (I found 3 clad halves and a clad dollar as well I like the ratio to the silver versions!)
  4. A few finds finally...been 3 days since I found anything!

    Hit two yards today the first I found the pieces of the dog tax tag in the shape of Indiana. Haven't found much the last few and I was determined to find SOMETHING decent. Went to another part of town and asked a girl who was sitting on a porch if I could hunt her yard which got me a 1919-S...
  5. Best finds for JULY

    Can't complain too much: very good for me, for a month. All found with Etrac and SEF 10x12 coil.
  6. Quick hunt today a few keepers and 21st silver for 2013

    21st silver coin today: 1953-S Roosevelt. Also 1946 Dog Tax Tag, heavily encrusted Indian cent 190?, 2 wheats and a thimble. Really quick hunt today. I think I am easily going to break my goal of 25 silvers for 2013 set a week ago, as I have found about 7 since then.
  7. Finally a place to search...and a few keepers.

    The place I started to metal detect Saturday but then got rained out from has no one occupying it now(all the students are leaving at this time of year), so couldn't ask for permission to look again. Knocked on 11 other doors on and around 2nd & Fess (here in Bloomington IN)trying to find a...
  8. Another searched out yard.

    Not having much luck with the yards lately even with the Etrac. I received permission a while back to hunt 15 properties all of which have houses built from between 1870 and 1920. Hit first house/property and took two days of searching to pull 2 Indian head cents (1899 &1891) and 3 wheat cents...