5 silver halves for 2013


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Sep 30, 2012
Bloomington Indiana
Detector(s) used
E-TRAC & TESORO GOLDEN SABRE II---ETRAC COILS :SEF 10x12, SEF 6x8, X-5, Detech 8" concentric, ,--- TESORO COILS- 12x10 TOOLS: Lesche, Profind 25, Garrett Propointer
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
My first and most silver halves (I found 3 clad halves and a clad dollar as well I like the ratio to the silver versions!)

halves for 2013.jpg

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That's really a great score.. love the half's they are exciting to find :-) I've only found one so far... a "silver Kennedy" hope u find more soon ... "add me on fb" can't find u.... HH :-)

Great Score man!...My Best year was 3 halves, 2 Walkers and a Franklin.....Still waiting for my first Barber.

Congrats again!

Hmm its a very nice sharing and workable discussion i will try to follow thanks for sharing....

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Awsome day of digging, nice totals for the year

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