1. Jomsa Prospecting

    So i have been prospecting for gold my whole life in Finnish wilderness. Lately i've started to vlog my adventures on youtube and just realized that i could share them here as well. No other topic seems to be suitable for it. So i invite you to take a gander on my youtube channel where you can...
  2. Famous Youtuber is Potentially working on a Jesuit/Nazi Gold Project

    My name is Leeland, and I work with Youtuber, Dallmyd. (12.2M subscribers and over 1.5B views) The last time I posted here, several of you PM'd us to see if we would be interested in tagging along an adventure you had brewing, and some of you were looking for funding. We ended up taking some of...
  3. New video featuring some bedrock exploration on one of our claims - Thanks!

    Here is our latest video, its been a while. This is more of a trip log / vlog than anything else. I hope you enjoy, subscribe if you can and comments and feedback are always welcome. Stay Safe!
  4. Video Log of our trip on High Bar road near Lillooet BC doing some prospecting!

    Check out our latest video when you get a minute... please subscribe if you can!
  5. Best Detecting Channels on youtube?

    As someone who is new to the world of metal detecting, I have found a wealth of resources on youtube pertaining to this pursuit. By example, I am learning technique, the standard tool-kit, legality, etiquette, best practices and ethics. So far, my favourite American Channel is that of 'The...
  6. Best method for making metal detecting videos

    I’m starting a YT channel and I want to make metal detecting vids. I don’t have anyone that can film for me at the moment so I would have to film myself. It’s kinda hard to hold my camera while I’m detecting and digging. What would be the best way to make metal detecting videos while still being...
  7. December update

  8. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets

    See who wins
  9. Two Minutes with Two Toes

    Heavy Gravel Gary talks about what to look for in the Gravel's when looking for Gold !!!! Video Number 1 of the Two Minute series
  10. Jim Beckwourth Museum and Cabin

    The James Beckwourth Museum is a well preserved 1850`s log cabin, believed to be the third such cabin built by James Beckwourth as a trading post and `hotel` in the Sierra Valley. The cabin is constructed of `V` notched logs of the type used in the area where Beckwourth grew up. Just some of...
  11. Cozumel Wreck C-53, General Felipe Xicotencatl

  12. Metal Detecting an Old Homesite

    Metal Detecting an Old Homestead Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures. Thanks for watching , I hope you enjoyed the video, Jeff
  13. Recirculating Sluice

    Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!! Hope you enjoy the video
  14. Crevicing for Gold another day another Crevice

    Tag along as Jeff and Gary (Two Toes ) head to the Hills in search of Crevice's filled with Gold !!!!! Thanks for watching
  15. Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold

    This is the first video in a new series from Two Toes !!! I hope you enjoy the video. I had a great time during Filming !!! Thanks, Jeff
  16. Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold

    Thanks for watching the video, I hope you enjoy it !!!!!
  17. Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold

    Hope you all enjoy Gary's New video It sure was fun to film !!!!!
  18. My Youtube Channel " Smithsgold " My Youtube Channel, Hope you enjoy the video's I have more on the way !!!! Thanks, Jeff
  19. Major Civil War Ford - Relics Everywhere

    This was our second trip to this location and we sure got on top of the relics. Once we started digging horseshoe after horseshoe, it wasn't long until we honed in on the good stuff. Hope you enjoy the video. It won't disappoint. And as promised in my last post, I'll attach images for those who...
  20. My best month of water hunting to date - Amazing Civil War Ford

    I want to start by saying this video is only 28 seconds long, so I won't be attaching pictures to this post but I will post pictures of when I get the videos finished. This is just a teaser trailer. Anyways, I finally got around to hitting a spot I researched 3 years ago. Since it's somewhat of...