Famous Youtuber is Potentially working on a Jesuit/Nazi Gold Project

Nov 24, 2020
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My name is Leeland, and I work with Youtuber, Dallmyd. (12.2M subscribers and over 1.5B views)

The last time I posted here, several of you PM'd us to see if we would be interested in tagging along an adventure you had brewing, and some of you were looking for funding. We ended up taking some of you up on those offers and now I'm back to see if I can't pull out some more experts.

We have a lead on a cache of gold, and 3 different stories as to where it might have come from. One of those stories involves Jesuits who were historically in the area in the 1700's and left behind multiple symbols- with arrows literally pointing toward the place our research suggests the gold may be. I've been looking for experts on Jesuit history and hopefully the different symbols they use.

I also have another question- what is your opinion on using Satellite imaging and multiple other tools to "scan" the ground in search of particular elements? Do you think it's reliable or probably a scam? I'm still new to this world, but several hunters have warned me that some companies pretend to scan your desired area free of charge in exchange for a % of the treasure if you find anything. Instead of actually performing an accurate scan of the area, they just create a phony image with clusters of whatever element you're searching for in the area you thought it would be. If there's no treasure, you paid nothing for the scan, but if there is treasure, they got a % for free essentially.

I would really love to hear everyone's experience with such technology.

If anyone else has projects for us, I'd love to hear about it. We can dig, mine, scuba dive, we can invest and research. Whatever it takes to create quality content, especially if we can walk away with a cut.

Honest Samuel

Sep 23, 2015
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You must be 100% Irish like myself. Both sets of grandpartents came from the great country of Ireland. Welcome our website and that you receive the answers that you deserve and I am sure that you will receive from our group of experts, but, I am not one of them. Good hunting and good luck.


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Oct 9, 2018
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I Work With Dallymyd,

You asked about satellite and other high-tech methods for searching for potential treasure sites: recommend looking into LIDAR which is a very effective tool for locating sites which previously had buildings and other structures which no longer exist. Good luck with your hunts. Walt


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Nov 21, 2017
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Do your own scanning and don't worry about a % to a 3rd party. Today there are Tons of Drones (for not a lot of money) that come equipped with a vast array of scanners to choose from.... Good Luck !:)
Mar 26, 2021
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I would check any dried up wells, in and around. You may be surprised what you find at the bottom of a well.

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